Data transfer error checking

Stephane L.

Oct 17, 2012
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Re: Data transfer error checking


I'm using GX5295 boards in a PXI châssis linked to a PC with an MXI board.
I call the DIO_LoadFile of the GtDio32.dll to load several files to the boards memory.

Is there any error checking mechanism included in the data transfer between the boards and the PC? Can I guarantee that the digital patterns loaded into the memory will be the patterns actually sent to I/Os?

Thanks for any information.



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Oct 17, 2012
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Re: Data transfer error checking

Hi Stephane
    The GX5295 driver does not perform any error checking when writing to the output memory. However, the driver does include a DIOReadOutMemory() function that allows you readback the data loaded into the output memory so it can be verified. More information on the DioReadOutMemory() function can be found in the GTDIO Programmers Reference Manual on pages 189 and 190. Similar functions exist for the Input, Direction and Control memory banks.  

Best Regards

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