Sinking and Sourcing Specifications on GX5292

Edward H.
Fort Wayne, IN

Jul 9, 2013
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Re: Sinking and Sourcing Specifications on GX5292

What are the current sinking and sourcing specifications of the various logic levels for the GX5292.  The spec sheet only has the voltages.

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Jose A.
Irvine, CA

Jul 9, 2013
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Re: Sinking and Sourcing Specifications on GX5292

Hello Edward,

The LVDS signals available on connector J2 have a source current specifications of -8ma @ 2.4v min. and a sinking current specification of 8ma @ 0.4v max.

The TTL signals available on connector J1 are voltage programmable from 1.4v min. to 3.6v max.; these signals have variable sourcing and sinking current specifications depending on the programmed output voltage level.
The following levels will give you an idea of the range of currents available depending on the output voltage level:

Output level         Source current           Sink current

      1.8v                       -4ma                         4ma
      2.4v                       -8ma                         8ma
      2.8v                      -12ma                       12ma
      3.3v                      -22ma                       22ma

Let me know if this helps.

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