GX5295 Dio Channel Selection

Sanjay E.
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Jan 16, 2018
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Re: GX5295 Dio Channel Selection

Hi All,

I've a pattern with 32 channels enabled, but in this case GX5295 DIO maximum can support maximum 64M as vector depth for each channel.
(Note: I have to increase the vector depth to 128M for each .)

Is there any possibility to select particular 16 channels from those channel 0 to channel 31,in order to increase the vector depth ?

Sanjay E.

Solution Available
Jason D.
Irvine, CA

Jan 16, 2018
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Re: GX5295 Dio Channel Selection

Hi Sanjay,

Refer to the software user guide "DioSoftwareProgRef.pdf" located in Program Files (x86)\Marvin Test Solutions\GtDio.
Look at DioSetupIOConfiguration. You can set the width to be 16 bits wide, which gives you the maximum step count of 128M on channels 0-15.


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