GTDIO Firmware / Driver versions

Jeffrey B.
Burlington, KS

Oct 26, 2020
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GTDIO Firmware / Driver versions

I saw that back in 2012 there was a question about firmware. We recently faced an issue where I thought that our drivers may have been causing what we saw. It ended up being our vendor's implementation. We are using two GX5295 boards. After I updated our drivers, we started seeing another issue. We get error -6327 "Unable to communicate with all Pin Electronics ICs." I think that this is a firmware/driver mismatch. The alternative being a hardware issue. We updated to GTDIO Version 5.1 build 74 with firmware 0xB313 installed on the boards. This firmware appears to be very old. The previous topic mentioned provided 0xB930 and the manual references a firmware as high as 0xF605 for the GX5295.

My questions are as follows:

Is there a location to find firmware files for these boards?

Is there a location to find older versions of the GTDIO drivers?

Where can I find documentation on version compatibility between driver and firmware versions?

I hope I'm not just missing this information. Thanks for your time!

So as an attempted fix, I regressed drivers back to 5.1 build 72. This did not fix it.
Also, it turns out that the drivers I had installed were build 75, but the GTDIO Panel said build 74. I also saw on the release notes that the new build fixed an issue with GX5295 boards in my setup getting the slave's FPGA corrupted by calling GtDioReset() multiple times. I believe this may have been happening with the vendor procedures.
Again, any help figuring out what's going on would be appreciated.

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