Can't obtain a license from ATEasy License Server

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Summary Reasons why a workstation cannot obtain a license from an ATEasy License Server
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The following list reasons why license cannot be obtained from an ATEasy Network License server:

1. ATEasy v6.0 (build 136 and above) support automatic installation of the license server in the server. It installs the server as a service in the server computer and have more reliable and flexible way of communication with the workstations.
2. The License server must be running and have enough licenses installed to accommodate requests from the workstations.
3. The workstation ATEasy version must be equal or smaller than the license installed in the license server. If the workstation have an ATEasy 4.x and the server license is for ATEasy 4.x and above it will work. For example You can not have 7.0 client and a 4.0 license.
4. ATEasy workstations must have a direct and a reliable connection to the license server at all time. Same IP subnet is recommended for both server and workstation.  
Article Date 7/11/2000
Keywords ATEasy, License Server

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