ATEasy 4.0 build 90 – Release Notes

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Summary List of all changes, new features and bug fixes for build 90
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IDE/Run-Times New Features/Changes

1.   AApp.Flags - new flags and re-organizing existing flags. The new flags were added to allow the test executive to synchronize the tree view and the execution after the application uses the Run/Task and Test statements.

2.   Call Stack window will display binary/hex values of Bool type variables

3.   You can override an internal function by declaring it. ATEasy will call your function instead of the internal one. You can still call the internal one using Internal.Function Name

4.   Drag and drop inside the procedures combo box was added. Also, the drop down list is stayed dropped after dropping

5.   The debugger will pause after stepping/tracing on the last line and will let you examine local variable before exiting the procedure

6.   Leaving Task and Test ID empty should cause their property page to regenerate new Ids
7.   Source Safe. Check In will always save the file without prompting the user unless it is a read-only file.

8.   Source Safe. Check Out/Undo Check Out will not prompt the user to save the changes. (This is unnecessary since the file will be replaced by source safe.)

9.   Source Safe. If the file is under source control and was not checked out, any attempt to modify it will be ignored, or the user will be prompted to check out the file. (Depends on the setting of the new "Check Out When Edited' option).

10.  Insert At/After was added to drag and drop depends on the position of the mouse cursor

11.  When debugging (e.g. Doit!) the run-time thread is kept until you restart the application again. This allows DLLs to retain their initialization between subsequent DoIt!s. DLLs and Applications will now initialize and load only between different starts.

12.  Insert Command will prompt for code completion for parameters

13.  DLL libraries can be merged using drag and drop

14.  Control, Form, and Menu property pages supports escape sequence strings in Caption and Text properties

15.  Recent page in Startup dialog has a new button called “Other” that allows opening other files that are not listed in the list

16.  During pause, debugged forms remain painted to allow you to examine the run-time form while pausing

17.  Step-Out is now enabled and allows stepping out of a test

18.  Step Over will not activate the application form causing debugging a form using the Step Over to cause flickering

19.  CreateObject/GetObject now supports "LibraryName.ClassName" or "Class" instead of only supporting the registry ProgID  

20.  Any type is now supported as a variable type and not only as a parameter to a DLL procedure


1.   It is recommended to rebuild your EXE application before using it on the new run-time engine. This is especially needed when running applications that contain the test executive driver.


1.   Compiler. Compiler error was mistakenly reported 'Function has no return statement' when performing CheckIt! on a function

2.   Compiler. The statement "if lAttrib or ~0xA0" did not generate compiler error

3.   Compiler. Checkit! On a module shortcut caused the containing module to be checked instead of the module.

4.   Compiler. Doit! generated compiler error on no-return statement

5.   Compiler. Did not generate error for Val Object type with initial value

6.   Compiler. Did not allow taking address of Const variable even though it allows address of literal constant.

7.   Compiler. Problem with passing Val enumXXX from System to Program.

8.   Compiler. When system procedure with parameter type of public system enum is called via system command, the parse fails the first time, but it is OK on subsequent compilations

9.   Compiler. Structure size and member offset are incorrectly calculated if packing order is greater than 1 when loading type information from a type library.

10.  Compiler. Omitting parameter list when comparing variant to function return value, e.g."IF TestResult < GetTestMax" - will generate wrong PCode that will crash the run-time

11.  Run-Time. Assignment of array of characters to a string could crash ATEasy

12.  Run-Time. ExitTask and Test -1 statements will not work properly in Taskit mode

13.  Run-Time. Calling empty module event crashed ATEasy in stand-alone EXE

14.  Run-Time. Calling System.OnXXX event from a driver will crash if the event does not exist

15.  Run-Time. Passing variant containing array of non-object (LONG[], DOUBLE[], STRING[] etc...) to procedure's parameter of type VAL OBJECT[] (array of type object) could crash ATEasy.

16.  Run-Time. Passing a non-array variant to a procedure's parameter of type VAL array crashed ATEasy.

17.  Run-Time. Test Log tables header for HTML and text displays different strings for Text and HTML: Test-Name and Name.

18.  Run-Time. Changing Projects did not reset the FormatLogString() settings

19.  Run-Time. Late bound call to method which has a parameter which is a safe array fails

20.  Run-Time. Assigning a variant to another did not set the LValue variant type as the right side

21.  Run-Time. Passing array of string to a variant generated run-time error #427

22.  Run-Time. DoIt! of program code followed by Run-Start command did not compile or execute program events

23.  Run-Time. Form's drawing functions (Circle, Rectangle, DrawText etc...) did not work after the first usage.

24.  Run-Time. Passing negative number to Output IO table operation generated sometimes "Out Of Range" message

25.  Run-Time. Print statement in HTML mode truncated string above 1024 characters caused the log to display garbage

26.  Run-Time. Assigning structure literal to element of structure array VAR parameter generated access violation in RT

27.  Run-Time. Return statement in procedure which returns a complex type and which also has structure literal generated run-time error when run from EXE file

28.  Run-Time. Passing address of a variable to a Val parameter of type LONG generated parser error #612 'Type of argument is incompatible'.

29.  Run-Time. Setting default value of optional parameter that its type is resolved to object will crash during Build/Execute.

30.  Run-Time. Passing variable of type object to a parameter of type "[Var] Variant" generated run-time error # 407.

31.  Run-Time. The statement proc=Program.OnInit did not work from the driver

32.  Controls. Changing list item's text using List() property of AListBox or AComboBox reset item data to 0.

33.  Controls. Inserting, deleting or changing item of a sorted AListBox or AComboBox control in design mode using List property page unsorted current items.

34.  Controls. Changing round slider control's ticks spacing to non-auto (interval, division) could crash ATEasy.

35.  Controls. ALog.SaveAs will not work when Visible=FALSE

36.  Commands. Reducing procedures # of parameters will corrupt a command that uses this procedure with a constants/changed parameters

37.  Commands. Creating a command that is assigned to a procedure with two with two enum parameters does not saved the commands parameters (constants) properly

38.  Debugger. A Change in array dimension size followed by a Redim statement was not reflected in Watch/Call Stack window or code completion.

39.  Debugger. Changing display format of the Watch/Call Stack windows did not refresh the value with new format

40.  Debugger. Changing array elements in the Watch window could crash ATEasy

41.  Debugger. Char is displayed as a number in the Watch window

42.  Debugger. Aborting while in error handling OnError caused breakpoints placed in OnAbort to be ignored.

43.  Debugger. Duplicated items were shown in the call stack when paused while displaying a message box/input box.

44.  Debugger. Step Over (F10) the last line of the nested call does not always work. It behaved like Continue (F4) instead of pausing at the next line after the call.

45.  Debugger. Step out from interrupt procedure did not continue stepping at point of interrupt.  Step into when interrupt procedure is fired did not continue stepping at start of interrupt procedure.

46.  Property Page. Fixed string did not retain the its value from the Value property page

47.  Property Page. Terminator in Winsock Interface of a Driver was missing from the property page

48.  Property Page/ActiveX controls. TabStrip ActiveX control. Making changes in its property page (Remove Tab) was not caused the page to be marked as dirty and not saved.

49.  Property Page. Open On Access fro GPIB, VXI and ISA was mistakenly displayed in the driver shortcut property page

50.  Property Page. Document property page File Browse button initializes the current directory instead of the document path directory.

51.  Property Page. Form property pages of READ ONLY document does not disable some of controls.

52.  Property Page. REFX tests use as default 0x0 mask instead of 0xfffffffffffffff.

53.  Property Page. Changing the Form ScaleMode in design time will confuse the form editor

54.  Property Page. Pressing Del when the driver shortcut is selected with the Misc page sometimes crashed ATEasy

55.  Property Page. Selecting new file to replace the currently modified file using file browse dialog (instead of typing the file name) crashed ATEasy.

56.  Property Page. GPIB Primary secondary address spin button behavior was wrong

57.  Property Page. Com method/property/variable or type allowed to change its type from the property page

58.  Code Completion. Syntax coloring problem with '\"' marks the rest of the line as comment

59.  Code Completion. Replacing a string with a ‘.’ did not display the members list box

60.  Code Editor. Selecting a variable or placing the cursor at the end of the variable makes the Go To Definition disabled

61.  Code Editor. Test header did not show the Task number and name when having two level tasks or more

62.  List View. List View edit label box was sometimes too small to type in long variable name, etc

63.  List View. Types such as Enum, Struct edit labeling with F2 display the type incorrectly.

64.  List View. Commands View. Insert After, Undo, Insert Below may crash ATEasy

65.  Undo/Redo. Undo of copy/paste of multiple controls  could crash ATEasy

66.  Copy/Paste. After Copy and Paste of controls, selection of a particular button selects other control

67.  Copy/Paste. Paste into Procedures combo box disregards what is being selected, it always paste at the end

68.  Copy/Paste. Paste Task/Test did not always checked for unique ID.

69.  Find/Replace. Various problems were fixed.

70.  Source Control. Source control status did not correctly displayed status of read-only files

71.  Source Control. All changes will be rolled back after CheckOut or Undo CheckOut.

72.  Source Control. Source control file changed notification did not work under Windows 95/98/Me.

73.  Source Control. File difference combo box does not always offer to use the latest folder/file in the to combo box

74.  Options. Removed unused 'Menu Return' option from the Option dialog.

75.  Document. Menu text format serialization does not serialize the shortcut information

76.  Document. Save In Text Format on binary format document resets the document modified flag

77.  FP Document. Conversion of FP file could crash ATEasy

78.  FP Document. After Converting FP file and running the application ATEasy crashes since the FP author did not enclose a string GPIB0::5::0::INSTR with double quotes.

79.  ATEasy 2 conversion. Converting INS files IO Table with Input IO operation generates an extra argument

80.  ATEasy 2 conversion. ATEasy2 I/O table conversion did not work with Input mode "File"

Test Executive/Profile

1.   Will synchronize the tree view and the execution with the Run/Task/Test/ExitTask/ExitProgram (Task -1) statements

2.   Profile forever count did not work

3.   Test Executive will disabled itself when debugging from the IDE using TaskIt/TestIt/ProgramIt!

4.   Profile Editor Up Down caused endless message boxes to be displayed

5.   Node tags of the Test Executive/Profile stored information using array of variants instead of single string

6.   Redesigned parts of the test executive execution mechanism to provide better performance handling of flow control statements

7.   The Test Executive commands where organized and new commands where added to provide better application control


1.   SM2040x - added/modified new ranges, added new function such as pulse width

2.   SM2020 - DMMReadBuferStr spelled incorrect, DMM Measure command uses the DMMReadNorm instead of DMMReadDbl

3.   PCI42x - DLL file name was wrong under NT/2000/XP - users must change the DLL manually if using the driver on these OSs. This is now documented in the driver

4.   HW.drv - better support for PCI and Plug and Play configuration and resource handling

5.   New drivers for NIDAQ (National Instruments), NT5000 (Navatek), various Geotest PXI Instruments and Adlink Data Acquisition.
Article Date 7/22/2003
Keywords ATEasy, 4.0

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