ATEasy 4.0 build 92 changes

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Summary List of changes, bug fixes and new features for ATEasy 4.0 build 92 released on Apr, 02, 2004
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We have release a new build of ATEasy 4.0.

The new release includes several bug fixes that were found since build 90 was released and some new features as shown here:


1.   Form.Refresh method did not invalidate the rectangle and only update the window.
2.   Non-public form procedures and events were accessible outside the form even if they are not public.
3.   Error in Catch block need to be sent to outer Try Block instead of the current one.
4.   Path of CompanyLogo.gif in the test log was changed to absolute from the ATEasy folder. This allows proper display of the log file from any folder.
5.   When running from the IDE OnEnd for drivers sometimes did not get called.
6.   Assignment of Driver type Structure that is alias (typedef) to a driver DLL type structure to a literal in a program fails loading of EXE. Executable returned ‘Unknown Error’ when running EXE.
7.   GPIB IO Table timeout with NI board does not take effect unless with set the timeout in NI max properties.
8.   Setting App.StartProgram before the start program gets called did not had any effect.
9.   Tolerance test display +3/+0 instead of +3/-0 in the test log.
10.  Assign a variant array member which is also an array into another variant generated run-time error #310 : 'Unable to assign a value'.
11.  Using function that return a structure field will crash at run-time.
12.  Hour glass is displayed when the EXE is loaded.
13.  Calling the Abort statement twice will terminate the application.
14.  Calling ExitTest statement from OnInitTest will skip OnEndTest.
15.  Nested modal forms may hang if no messages are available in Windows queue.
16.  After Run/Start, calling Form.TextWidth second time loading same Modal form returns 0 instead of the actual width.
17.  Test.Type property can be set at run-time.
18.  Form.Tag, Control.Tag type was changed from string to variant.
19.  Double precision test type Min/Max/Tolerance Pass/Fail status is evaluated within a 1e-15 tolerance rounded result to avoid floating point errors.
20.  Run-time now supports changing the test type at run-time.
21.  Allow assign of array literal with different dim size but same count.
22.  Assign incompatible data type to initial value of indirect data type VARIANT/DOUBLE/DATETIME/CURRENTCY leaked memory.
23.  When calling abort or reset statements ATEasy print ..."Application abort or reset  by user" instead of "Application abort or reset".
24.  MF42CLOC.DLL causes ATEasy to display ??? in various message boxes and in the Control property pages names.
25.  When calling DLL function stack miss-match is now reported if the function is prototype with wrong number of parameters or wrong CDecl/StdCall DLL function definition.
26.  Passing a string to VAR Any passes the address of the address of the string instead of the address of the string.
27.  Passing NULL to DLL procedure’s parameter of type VAL OBJECT generates 'Internal Run-time Error # 28'.
28.  Passing 'NULL' to DLL procedure's parameter of type [VAR] STRING generates compiler error # 620 'Expected l-value'.
29.  Passing 'Nothing' to DLL procedure's parameter of type [VAL/VAR] ANY no longer working (did not pass NULL).
30.  Compiler Error # 650 "Type 'Object' is undefined" when calling DLL proc which has parameter of type [VAL] OBJECT.
31.  Run-time error #310 'Unable to assign a value' when accessing the returning struct's members from a call using Procedure variable.
32.  s=FuncReturnVariantContainsStringArray()[0] caused GP fault.
33.  Print ProcReturnComplexStruct().m_ArrayOfStruct[0].m_lField1 caused GP fault.
34.  Changing TestStatus (i.e. to FAIL) at OnEndTest() event does not have any affect on UUT Status (GetUUTStatus()).
35.  StringArray2D[0]=ByteArray1D generated a GP fault.
36.  Calling DLL procedure with parameter of type VAR BString generated "Memory Access Violation" run-time error.
37.  Assign DateTime to Variant will result in vtDouble instead of vtDate.
38.  Goto a label within  the same TRY block generates run-time error #330 - 'Catch or EndTry executed without Try'.
39.  Unable to 'Ignore' recoverable error inside a CATCH block.
40.  FileRead() should not allow reading more than the size of the Fixed size string.
41.  Log.Append will not display the image unless an absolute file path is stated.
42.  Assignment of array of bytes to string assignement xcaused internal error -33 line -2
43.  MemoryCopy() does not work between array element (string/byte).
44.  FileEOF() always returns zero, even when end of file is reached.
45.  Changing procedure variable to parameter, setting a constant value, and than changing parameter to var or val causes ATEasy to lock.

IDE (integrated Development Environment)

1.   Variables property page. Changing procedure variable parameter from none, setting a constant value, and changing parameter to var or val causes ATEasy to lock.
2.   Debugger. Aborting the application from the IDE when the form.OnLoad() is in process causes ATEasy Crash upon when Call Stack view is open.
3.   Driver shortcut Interface property page. Unable to populate I/O address IO1 with a range of values in the drivers properties/interface section.
4.   Text file format. Constants variables should display their initial value even if it’s the same as the default value.
5.   Paste Bellow command was enabled for the text editor.
6.   Code completion displays function prototype in a different format than text file format.
7.   Paste a procedures to procedure view with no procedures will crash.
8.   Switching to another user with the same access rights should update menus and views with the new access rights.
9.   After loading ATEasy, pressing TaskIt does not necessarily run the task that is shown by the cursor (as gray, not blue).
10.  Do not allow drag anything to enum unless it has long + const
11.  Globals. Internal Page did not display correct value for CONTROL and FORM variables.
12.  ATEasy crashes when the command line is missing the file name after the option flag (e.g. /b).
13.  Changes in the current user’s access rights (because of log in) was not reflected to the IDE only after the IDE was closed and open again.
14.  Setting the initial value of Optional Variant Val Parameter to 'Nothing' will crash ATEasy upon Save.
15.  Converting a number that start with a ‘.’ (i.e. .234) failed when serializing with text file format and from property pages.
16.  Command parameters font is using the code editor font.
17.  Parsing commands built-in arguments sometimes failed.
18.  Changing public attribute of module variable from the variables property page cleared initial value.
19.  Double click on a Form will not open the form if we have a browser window open with Forms selected and the form selected in the object view in list mode.
20.  ATEasy Crash with ProgramIt after setting the active project.
21.  Description in the property page. Tab setting is not the same as in the description view.  Pressing enter in the description of the property page will insert a new line. Word wrap was also enabled.
22.  Under Windows XP the tree/list view will not show the selection if the window does not have focus.
23.  Comparing two drivers that turned out  to be identical display a very big message box.
24.  The new address when changing the address of a driver from the driver shortcut property page does not always save.
25.  Test Property Page. Changing the test type from Min Max to Tolerance or Precise should reuse the values.
26.  Change the test type  from MIN-MAX to TOLERANCE gets caught in an endless loop
27.  Importing FP that uses the new 5.1 specifications crashes ATEasy.
28.  Missing files when opening Drivers.wsp (GP1008.drv, GP1650.prj and GT1648.prj).
29.  When trying to copy constants from one ATEasy DLL driver to another (replacing all existing duplicates), the program hung up and did not respond to Windows.
30.  Clicking on a menu procedure when the properties window is open will cause the document to be modified.
31.  Sorted List sym view did not refresh correctly after deleting an item.
32.  Occasional crash when running Language and aborting out of multi-threading task.
33.  Monitor Window crashes when Clear with Properties Window open.
34.  Bitmaps displayed in menus and toolbar have transparent look when running on XP.
35.  FileCreate/FileOpen mode enum displayed in decimal instead of hexadecimal.
36.  Watch window's display format "All Hexadecimal" caused Bool var to display Hex instead of True/False.
37.  Watching variant of type VT_UI4, VT_UI2 (reference) crashed ATEasy.
38.  Struct displayed in Watch or CallStack windows will crash ATEasy after Redim the struct's field of type BString array.
39.  Redim array which is currently expanded displayed  in global call stack caused GP fault.
40.  Not all of ATEasy Context Menu update handlers are checking user's rights - for example enabled Edit/Save/View doc for Tester.
41.  Breakpoint after the last line of code disappear after refreshing the code view as result of window close or display of different symbol.
42.  Run-Current-Task, etc. are enabled even though there is no program module for the project Start-Program and there is no System module.
43.  Loading text file with version's time beetween [Dec 31 69 16:00:00] and [Dec 31 69 17:00:00] crashed ATEasy.
44.  Internal run-time error #1 when running EXE which contained a module event with local variables and empty code. (i.e. program's OnEndTask()).
45.  Startup dialog hang if the recent workspaces list contains a workspace file from a disabled (Power Off or removed from network) network's computer. (i.e. //UNIT219-01//ATeasy//Workspace.wsp).
46.  Run-time sometimes stops at breakpoint that is no longer exists.
47.  View in Text Format will display current date and user instead of the original one.
48.  Project’s Start program is now displayed in bold in the workspace window.
49.  Build All will now generate warning if a defined DLL function does not exist in the DLL.
50.  License Server was modified to run as a service. Server-client communication was improved. See ReadMe.txt for more information.
51.  Code Completion will not work for non-project modules.
52.  Text format for ATEasy modules doesn't include Stdcall/CDecl attribute for DLL procs.
53.  Changing 'Untitled' Task/Test's title using property page does not update the test/task's Id to a new id based on its name.
54.  Saving new module file as a text file format saved it in a binary format.
55.  Reloading a driver file since it was modified externally causes the system to be marked as changed.
56.  Edit-Find-Replace dlg FindAll flag cannot be remembered correctly - registry says All (True), but ATEasy does not come back with the All option checked.
57.  Find in current document doesn't search in menu items until a menu item has been selected.
58.  Find-Replace All OldName to NewName can get into very tight loop when there already exist two procedures named OldName and NewName and RenamSym fails on proc OldName because proc NewName already exists.
59.  Opening a driver shortcut property pages and changing the driver file name to an invalid file name and switching to Misc. page crashed ATEasy.
60.  Access violation opening test in Tests view. Test is under nested task.
61.  62Sizing of Members list/Parameters Suggestion for code completion is now remembered between sessions of ATEasy and between subsequent displays.
62.  Goto Definition of internal library symbol (i.e. enumATestStatus) in a project without a system (i.e. Language) crashed ATEasy.
63.  Drag and Drop is now allowed from one DLL to another.
64.  Endless "Illegal Type" message box when viewing parameter of type optional VAR ([VAR]). For example, Add method of treeview's nodes collection.
65.  File difference can now use a folder in one of the fields From/To instead of a file.
66.  Changing Project Defines should invalidate all compiled code.
67.  After pressing Ignore in the dafault error handling the status bar continues to display in red the error message.
68.  Changing procedure's local variable of type Fixed string to Val/Var parameter generated endless "Illegal Type" message.
69.  Run/Doit! will remove newly typed text of the Debug window.
70.  I/O address in the ISA Interface property page is not saved.

Test Executive

1.   Hour glass is displayed when filling the tree view when a new program or a profile is selected.
2.   New commands to set wait cursor.
3.   New commands to set the status bar.
4.   Status bar will display driver initialization progress when the test executive is started.
5.   TestExec will run a task with out being checked after test -1 statement
6.   Menu and Toolbar Icons support the XP transparent Style, Also images are now included for all commands  
7.   OnEndProgram. Move print of the GetLogString to the beginning to complete the test log before calling other drivers OnEndProgram (e.g. they  might call SaveLog).
8.   After user login, the string for the log header does not updated by the new user name.
9.   Test Executive has a new command to set the CompanyLogo.gif file displayed on the top of the test log.
10.  When loading a program to the tree view program tasks are not get expanded to save loading time.


1.   Language.prg Example has new test showing how to use DLL CDecl function call. Th example shows call to atof() using MSVCRT.DLL. also added new examples for Variables, Structures and more.

New Drivers

1.   HW.drv does not return the board description.
2.   GT1648.drv - New driver for the GT1648 - analog output.  
3.   GX5731.drv - New driver for the GX5731 - digital I/O with 128 channels and 32 customizable channels PXI board from Geotest.
4.   GX1648.drv - New driver for the GX1648 - analog output.
5.   GX1838.drv - New driver for the GX1838 - programmable discrete outputs.
6.   GX5050.drv - New driver for the GX5050 - 50MHz digital I/O.
7.   NvNT5000.drv - New driver for the NX500/NT5000 ROM emulator boards from Navatek.
8.   PiLPxi.drv - driver for System 40 PXI switching board from Pickering Interfaces.

Article Date 4/5/2004
Keywords ATEasy, 4.0, 92

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