ATEasy 5.0 Main New Features Summary

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Summary List of main new features included in ATEasy v5.0 (build 102) released on 5-5-2005.
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ATEasy 5.0 Main New Features Summary

  • Enhanced Test Executive with:
  • Touch Screen user interface; allows operation of test set via touch-screens with a special customized toolbars.
  • Users and Groups based privileges and customization; the administrator can customize the test executive per user groups without writing code. Each option and each menu command can be hidden or disabled. The toolbar buttons can be also customized per group and its buttons can be hidden or arranged. User can use the administrator set of customization and customize it further if the administrator allowed it.
  • Complete customization of toolbars menu with or without using users and groups feature.
  • Many new options including: selection of debugging level for the operator – allows the test engineer to disable selection and running of individual tests or tasks, log failures only.
  • New commands for better controls of the test executive options and behavior. New test conditions, option to disable menus while program is running, Windows XP style menus and much more.  
  • On-line Help for the test executive to provide detail on how to operate and customize the test executive.
  • New Fault Library:
  • Fault Library provides a powerful troubleshooting tool for electronic circuits.
  • A Fault Editor allows program developers to define Fault Conditions to be analyzed by ATEasy during runtime.
  • When activated during runtime, the operator can be prompted to replace assemblies or components based on the actual failures (i.e. “Replace U1 and Re-Test”).
  • Open Architecture Improvements:
  • Built in support for IVI drivers. ATEasy now includes ATEasy drivers for all the IVI driver classes currently available (DC power supply, Digital multimeter, Function generator & Arb, Oscilloscope, Power meter, RF signal generator, Spectrum analyzer and Switch. ATEasy also support of importing non-class compliant IVI drivers using a new IVI Wizard and support both IVI driver formats: IVI-C and IVI-COM
  • Support for .NET components .Net. assemblies or assemblies components can be imported to ATEasy and used similar to the way you would use them from Visual Studio .NET languages. This capability provides a truly open architecture by embracing new technologies and is similar to the way COM and DLL extend ATEasy capabilities.
  • ATEasy can now import functions and type declarations directly from C/C++ header file (.h). This reduces the development cycle and eliminates any errors when calling external DLL library.
  • LabView VIs – ATEasy users can now use existing LabView code in their test applications. All the user needs to do is selects the VI (Virtual Instrument or LLB (library) file and the ATEasy Insert LabView wizard generates an ATEasy procedure to call the VI.
  • Lab Windows Function Panels Drivers (.fp) import was improved and generates more accurately ATEasy driver from LabWindows drivers – this feature allows users to use these drivers without the need to re-write them.
  • ATEasy now includes a Summation Import Wizard that allows import of Summation TestCase programs into ATEasy.
  • Enhanced Forms Features:
  • Two new controls were added: Tab Control (ATab) and Panel Control (APanel)
  • Current controls where enhanced. For example, the AListBox now support a list of checkboxes. Additionally, Controls now have the XP theme look and the AMenu support the new .NET style menus..
  • ATEasy forms now support automatic form and controls sizing. Similar to .NET controls, each control can be anchored and aligned. This allows users to implement sizable forms with minimal coding to size the controls when the form is sized.
  • Programming Language Enhancements:
  • New support for COM events handlers using the AddHandler/RemoveHandler statements. This allows users to interface with COM applications that generate events.
  • ATEasy now supports callback procedures. ATEasy procedures can be called by an external DLL directly. This feature provides a way for an external instrument driver (i.e. DLL) to call ATEasy procedure when a certain event occurs. Windows API also uses callbacks.
  • Internal library have new bit manipulation, help, log functions and more. Also new classes properties and methods extend the internal library further.
  • Support for 64 bit integers.
  • Other Improvements and Enhancements:
  • The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has new dialogs such as Save Modified, new popup Conditions menu and new menu commands. Additionally, many editing features were added or improved.
  • Many new additional ATEasy drivers.
  • New examples
And much, much more…

Article Date 11/9/2004
Keywords ATEasy, 5.0

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