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Summary Acquiring data into a file/database without interrupting the current acquisition process.
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I am trying to get more functionality from my IOTech DaqLab 2000. I have data acquisition on 32 channels that run at about 1Hz each. This data logging is uninterrupted for days at a time. I would like to be able to look at old data without interrupting the current acquisition. I would prefer one continuous file or a database like Access or Oracle that could be viewed and manipulated while the data is logging without causing any data loss.


In ATEasy, you can write a small program that can gather a DAQ’s data and insert it into a text, binary, excel, or database file.  You can use IOTech’s DLL functions to gather data and the ATEasy internal library for everything else.  The ATEasy Getting Started Manual, which can be downloaded from the Geotest web site, discusses DLL function implementation.  

There are several ways to write to a database file.  In the ATEasy Getting Started Manual, an example is provided to show you how to use the Microsoft Active Data Object COM Component (see also the AdoDB.prj example).  This library supports a long list of databases that includes Microsoft Access (.mdb files), SQL Server and Oracle.  

You can also read and write to a database using an ODBC driver or a DLL.
Article Date 8/26/2005
Keywords ATEasy, ODBC, DAQ, DaqLab

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