List of issues/changes for ATEasy v4.0 build 94 and ATEasy v5.0 build 104

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Summary List of changes and issues resolved in build 104 (released 9-23-2005) since ATEasy v4.0 build 92 and ATEasy v5.0 build 102 was released.
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Here is the list of changes/issues resolved in build 104a/94a. Changes in [ATEasy5] are specific to v5.0 (104a), changes without [ATEasy5] applies to both  build 94a and 104a since 92a and 102a was released.

IDE (development environment)
  • Property page of Precise,Tolerance, or Min/Max test types displays "Out of range" warning when enter a hex value between 0x80000000 - 0xFFFFFFFF.
  • 'Insert Driver' dialog does not display correctly, controls sometime overlap each other
  • Viewing/Saving ATEasy program in text mode (.pgt) results in REFX values printed/displayed as decimal rather than hex.
  • ATEasy sometimes crashed when it tries to load/import Function Panel file (.fp) of Version 3.0
  • Unable to select HiMetric scale mode from AForm's Scale property page.
  • Auto Type Information tooltips does not display the description of the attached procedure when hovering the mouse over command item.
  • Go To Definitions Of 'xxx' does not show the command when "if" is preceding the command
  • DLL procedures are checked twice when using Check All
  • New option to clear the Build Log before build
  • Function Panel files (.fp) conversion/import was improved
  • Compiler error generate an internal error for struct variable.enumfield.constant
  • Code Completion should not displays enum constants when entering '.' character after variable of type enum
  • Command is not properly updated when insert/delete its attached procedure's parameter(s)
  • 'Goto Defnition Of' does not work for Struct types in the Code View
  • Call Completion listbox window's width is not calculated correctly
  • Problem undo/redo AForm's menu items
  • Unable to build stand-alone EXE in Windows 95/98/Me.
  • A breakpoint at the last line of a test only works if it's right after the last line of code.
  • Find dialog hang when searching for non-exist symbol  in active view only and current active view is the local varariables frame.
  • Escape sequence string support for AComboBox and AListBox controls.
  • App.ModulePath property has been changed to return the ATEasy folder instead of the application EXE file path when running from the IDE.
  • Module protection did not protect the documents from viewing / changing in all cases.
  • Enhanced Font property page of form and controls to include font scripts (e.g. Western, Hebrew etc...).
  • ATEasy will detect if a wrong version/build of the ATERT.DLL is used.
  • ATEasy may crashes when loading invalid or corrupted project file
  • Renaming project file name may crashs ATEasy if File tree view is the current active view of the Workspace window.
  • Watch window generates 'access violation exception' after entering build-in procedure name (e.g. Sin, Cos, Abs, Round etc...) into the watch list.
  • Duplicate items in call stack when paused in interrupt handler or Dll call back procedure.
  • [ATEasy 5] ATEasy crashed when importing IviConfigServer.h header file and ATEasyPreprocessor.h is missing
  • During Run-Time Error processing, Ignore statement in OnError() cause ATEasy to crash
  • 'Unsupported MSXML2 type' error when inserting Microsoft CML, v5.0 type library
  • Program's Status property is not reset to NONE before run
  • ATEasy crashed while running example Excel project
  • Repeated Ignore of "Unable to open interface for driver" errors which occurred in IOTable caused ATEasy to crash
  • Redim preserve of array of struct containing field of type Object crash ATEasy
  • Unable to print enum's constants (i.e. PRINT enumATestStatus.PASS)
  • Text file (.drt, .pgt) loading is terminated when encounter an unclosed string, e.g. "xyz, as supplied parameter in command
  • Changing Form.Backcolor does not update the background when AutoRedraw is TRUE
  • Form.PopupMenu method does not work if the popup menu does not belong to any menubar or the menubar is not visible
  • Setting the Form.AutoRedraw to True for MDI form will corrupt the display of its client area  
  • Unable to close or save changes in Users dialog after selecting 'Clear User'
  • Compiler error when references non-public nested menu , e.g. Menu1.Popup1.Item1, while inside a form event or procedure
  • Omitting the error number from the catch module statements, e.g. CATCH MODULE DMM, generate "Expected end-of-line" compiler error
  • Array of procedure does not get initialized with its initial value when running in EXE mode
  • WSReceive() erroneously return 0 if the remote socket was closed instead of -1 as documented in the Help
  • Form's mouse cursor change does not take effect until the mouse is moved
  • Unable to load ActiveX library with version >= 10.0
  • Problem accessing AForm's procedures and variables using array of form
  • New optional EndEvents keyword for Exit statement
  • Val(sHexString, 16) function's behavior has been modified, it will now convert sHexString to an unsigned integer (i.e. 0xFFFF is 65,535 instead of -1)
  • 'Unsupported Types' error when loading ActiveX library containing 64-bit integer data type
  • Generates OnQueryUnload and OnUnload events for MDI child form when its parent MDI form is being destroyed.
  • ATEasy EXE will detect if a different build is used for ATERT.dll and ATECTL.dll
  • ATEasy crashed when run TestExec project more than one and m_stRunTime struct is being watched in the Watch view
  • New aFlagsExit flag was added to enumARuntimeFlags which can be used to indicate whether an Exit EndEvents statement has been executed
  • Optional EndEvents keyword to be used with Exit statement (i.e. Exit EndEvents)
  • AProgram's Uut information is not serialized in text mode.
  • [ATEasy 5] Fixed several bugs related to 'Optimize Short Circuit Boolean Expressions'
  • [ATEasy 5] Added supports for callback procedures, this feature provides a way for an external instrument driver (i.e., DLL) or Windows API to call ATEasy procedure when a certain event occurs.
  • [ATEasy 5] Added supports for late binding COM/.NET events using AddHandler and RemoveHandler statements.
  • AForm's DrawText() does not return the width and height.
  • AForm/Acontrol's Image property does not return the content if window is not visible or covered
  • MDI child form's OnQueryUnload and OnUnload events are not generated when its parent MDI form is being destroyed.
  • Problem Inserting AChart control into design time dialog of Visual C
  • Using Common Dialog with multiple selection files does not return the selections
  • APicture.Render() method does not work
  • AControl. Creating a control from text file (property bag) will use the control name as the caption instead of the Caption/Text stored in the text file
  • AToolbar with labels displays fixed width buttons instead of variable width buttons base on the button's text
  • When a modeless form is unloaded, its parent form was not activated
  • ALabel's appearance always look 3D regardless of the Appearance property setting
  • Some of ALog's events were never generated.
  • ALog.Find() method does not work
  • AForm.DrawText() does not use FillColor as background when FontTransparent is True
  • AForm.DrawText() method with aformDrawTextVCenter draw mode does not center the text vertically (text is a bit down)
  • AForm.Circle() method uses the ForeColor as default color instead of the FillColor
  • AForm.Circle() method ignored lArcStart, lArcEnd  
  • Calling ComSend to send a BString with # of bytes equals 1 fails
  • Calling ComOpen after ComClose with no delay between cause ComOpen to fail
  • ComSetup - XOn/Xoff Setup sometime does not work
  • Form's General property page should not restrict ClientWidth and ClientHeight to 102 and 27 respectively
  • ATEasy crashed when the focus was changed while inside one of Form's KeyPreview events.
  • The run-time will detect different version of ActiveX libraries when running EXE.
  • AListBox control's OnClick() and OnMouseDown() events are not generated for left mouse button
  • Setting AForm's menu bar dynamically at run-time (e.g. Form.MenuBar=menu2) causes ATEasy to crash on the next run or exit.
  • MsgBox and InputBox always enable its owner window when close regardless of whether the owner was previously disabled.
  • [ATEasy 5] Enhanced ACommonDialog control to support directory selection using acdlgOpenOptionsDirectory option.
  • [ATEasy 5] AListBox control with CheckBox style and contains no item (empty) may cause ATEasy to crash
  • [ATEasy 5] ATab control's OnPageSelChange() event does not set 'PageNew' parameter correctly
  • [ATEasy 5] Added supports for .NET assemblies.
  • [ATEasy 5] Added supports for dynamicly created controls using AForm's InsertControl and RemoveControl methods.
  • When CLEAR LOG is pressed after START, the font and log alignments are not as they should
  • OnReset called twice after we call the reset statement
  • Fixed problem related to RunProgram command.
  • [ATEasy 5] Replaced all occurences of 'Exit' statement with 'Exit EndEvents'
  • SM204X ATEasy Driver Diode Range off by 1
  • All ATEasy DIO drivers DioGetDriverSummary generate RT error
  • TE5200 ATEasy driver problem
  • New and updated DLLs for various Geotest drivers
  • When installing a new ATEasy version/build, personalized settings disappear.

Article Date 12/5/2005
Keywords ATEasy, 5.0, 4.0, 94, 104

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