ATEasy v6.0 Main New Features Summary

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Summary List of ATEasy v6.0 (build 132) main new features released on Sep, 22 2006.
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Run time and Development:
  • Fresh new look for the development environment includes auto hide docking windows, gradient and color customization for menus and toolbars.
  • New support for applications that have a large number of programs, we now provide an easy way to organize these programs. Essentially, the user can define folders under the Programs folders and organize its test program in a tree structure according to their functionality or UUT variants.
  • Create folders within the project modules that can contain "baggage" information. Things like UUT documentation, fixture wiring, TRDs', software components, etc. These can be opened directly from ATEasy regardless of their application type - i.e. Word, Excel. Etc. The advantage to this is that now, all of the specific files needed for an application can be located in one location, facilitating source control, archiving and backup.
  • New Full feature, virtual on-screen virtual keyboard. This allows full keyboard support for applications that are designed for touch panel. This feature also includes support for an increased scrollbar size for all windows controls, multi line push buttons and automatic sizing/scaling of a form when it font is changed.
  • The Internal library contains several new functions and class including support for extended directory and file manipulation, date time parsing, dynamic menu and control creation and extended support for .NET/ActiveX events.
  • New support for .NET 2.0, LabView 8.0, ActiveX/COM event handlers, DLL callback.
Tested under Windows VISTA (b2)

Test Executive Features:
  • Full support of test executive features using a touch panel user interface:
  • The user can define forms designed for touch panel user interface that includes test executive commands or user defined commands to control the test executive's capabilities via the touch panel.
  • Virtual keyboard will automatically popup when the current control requires text entry.
  • Customize the user interface for different classes of users - i.e. operators, technicians, test engineers, etc. Each group can have its own privileges and user interface (forms, menu, toolbars and options).
  • Automatic management of log files - i.e. when to backup, when to delete, when to save, how to name log files, etc. Previously, the user had to code these capabilities as part of the logging process.

See Q200076 for additional and more detailed list of features.

Article Date 7/20/2006
Keywords ATEasy, 6.0, 132

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