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Summary Changing the way test results numbers are displayed in the log
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There are several ways to change the formatting of the test results in the log:

1. Use the FormtLogString()to internal functions change the table columns and their contents

2. In OnEndTest event call GetLogString(), modify the string and call SetLogString().

The FormatLogString() automatically switches to Scientific format (i.e. 1.2E+07) if the number cannot be displayed. You can override this by changing the test result:

TestResult=Round(TestResult, -3)  ! Will truncate and leave only 3 digits after the decimal point.

The second method is a bit more flexible and it gives you full control over the way the TestResult number is displayed in the log string and than send it back to ATEasy. Once you identify using string manipulation functions the position of the test result in the log string, use the Format() function to convert the number to a string the way you use it and than replace the test result string. Make sure the code you'll put will work with both HTML and Text test logs.
Article Date 7/21/2006
Keywords ATEasy, ALog, FormtLogString, GetLogString, SetLogString, Round, OnEndTest, Format

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