How can I display a PDF file from ATEasy application using WinExec?

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Summary Displaying a PDF document from ATEasy application.
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Use WinExec() internal function to open a window with a the PDF document. For example

iStatus=WinExec("\"\\\\MyServerName\\SharedFolder\\Program Files\\"          "ATEasy\\Corporate\\Mercuri\\Help\\MERCURI HELP.pdf\"")

Note also that the file name is surrounded with double quotes since the file name may contain space which. A space will cause ATEasy the think the first part (up to the space) is the exe and the second is the command line parameters, so to avoid this we use the quotes .

WinExec will noot generate exception so there is no need for try statement just check as the help says that the returned status or handle is greater than 32.

Article Date 7/21/2006
Keywords ATEasy, WinExec, PDF

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