ATEasy v6.0 Service Pack 1 (build 134) - list of changes

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Summary List changes in ATEasy SP1 (build 134, July 19, 2007) from prior release (build 132)
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ATEasy 6 build 134 contains all fixes and changes since version 6 (build 132).

The following list the changes that were made:
  • Enhanced support for .NET and new support for .NET namespace
  • Enhanced support for WinSocket interface interface re-openeing when InterfaceInfo changes, support for terminators
  • Project new option AutoIncrementFileVersion
  • LoadOnAccess new option for DLL
  • AdoDB example - new task that show how to use System.Data for databases using .NET
  • DotNet example - new task showing how to send email using System.Net.Mail using .NET
  • Enhanced License Server support with automated setup as service and a way to set the server from the client
  • New drivers for Signametrix SM2060/55, SMX4030/32, Navatek NT6000, GX5733, GX5641, GX5642, GX2002, GX6377, GX6384, GxChassis, Gx7xxxA smart chassis), Keithley Instruments 2000/1/2/10 DMMs, Keithley Instruments PXI (DAQ and DIO) boards, Sorensen DCS and DLM600 power supplies
  • New command line options for the setup:

                  Silent mode

            /SetupType"[Typical, Full, LicenseServer]"

                  Specify one of the setup type, i.e Typical, Full,



                  This command only apply to clean installation


                  Specify the target directory for the installation

                  Default="C:\Program File\ATEasy"

                  This command only apply to clean installation


                  Uninstall ATEasy
  • GetLogString - new constant aLogStringAppend to enumALogStringType to return the current append statements string
  • Enahance support for WinSocket interface (OnInterface, AutoAccept)  
  • New Units in the test property page  
  • Allow passing of Form procedures to DLL/callbacks
  • Readonly control properties were change to read/write (for example BorderStyle, Sorted, Style, etc)
  • AUsers.ShowLogInDialog() returns a user token and AUsers.Login() accept a token  
  • CreateObject internal function support for remote host (DCOM) and free  treading model      
  • Tolerance test type Plus and Minus values if left empty allow open end    
  • New code completion support for .NET overloaded methods and constructors
  • Bug fixes

Article Date 7/20/2007
Keywords ATEasy

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