PXI chassis configuration is lost every time the system is powered up.

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Summary The Marvin Test Solutions chassis configuration is erased whenever my system is powered on.
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Problem: Every time my test system boots up, the Marvin Test Solutions PXI chassis configuration that is stored in the PXISYS.ini file gets replaced with an empty file with no configuration data. This forces us to create a new PXISYS.ini file with the correct configuration data each time the system is re-booted.

This problem is caused by National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer overwriting the Marvin Test Solutions slot description file upon rebooting.  If you have NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI-MAX) installed, and it is version 4.0 or later, then your configuration file is being overwritten by NI-MAX and NI-VISA .  To correct this problem you need perform one of the following procedures:

1. Download and install the latest HW (v4.9.1 or above). Many of Marvin Test Solutions drivers and products release after April 2016 contains the new HW. The new HW perform the registry fix (described in 2 below) automatically .

2. Modify the Windows registry by applying a registry patch to disable NI-VISA from doing this.  The process is as follows:
  • Create a text file called "DisableBootPxiSysGeneration.reg" and copy/paste the following text to the file:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • Save the file (in text format).
  • Double click the file to apply the registry change.
  • Use PXI/PCI Explorer to verify or assign instruments to the appropriate chassis slot.
  • Cycle power and verify that the chassis configuration and instrument slots are preserved.
Article Date 12/13/2007 , 5/16/2016
Keywords GX7000, GX7100, GX7300, GX7600, Chassis, PXI, NI-MAX, PXISYS.INI

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