How can I have two versions of ATEasy in the same computer

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Summary ATEasy does not allow to have multiple version running at the same time. The following procedure shows how to create a installation of two or more versions of ATEasy running on the same computer.
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ATEasy does not allow running two versions at the same time on the same computer. When you upgrade ATEasy to a newer version, ATEasy setup overrides and replaces current files not allowing you to have two versions of ATEasy on the same computer. The procedure below shows how to install more than one version on the same computer and how to switch between the versions to run specific version.

The following steps describe installing version 5.0 and 7.0 at the same compute. Make sure to read and understand the whole procedure before attempting to perform it:

1. Install ATEasy 5 (run ATEasy5.exe and follow the instructions).
2. Copy ATEasy folder and subdirectories (C:\Program Files\ATEasy) to C:\Program Files\ATEasy5.
3. In the Windows System folder (usually C:\Windows\System32) copy ATEasy files and add 5 to the files name. There may be up to 6 files to copy: ATERT.dll, ATERCTL.dll, ATEasy.usr, ATEasyPanel.cpl and optionally ATEasy2_32.dll and ATEZUSER32.dll – add 5 to the filename. For example copy ATERT.dll to ATERT5.dll.
4. Install/upgrade to 7 by running ATEasy7.exe and follow the instructions.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3  (above) this time to ATEasy7 folder and ATERT7.dll etc.
6. At this time ATEasy 7 in ready to run (ATEasy 5 will not run).
7. When you need to switch from version X to Y (5 to 7 or 7 to 5), delete the ATEasy folder and copy ATEasyY folder to ATEasy folder (copy ATEasy5 folder to ATEasy)  and copy the ATEasy System files to the original files (for example ATERT5.dll to ATERT.dll). Once files are copied, you will need to re-register the files by opening the windows command prompt (Start, Run Cmd), change the current directory to the Windows System folder ("cd c:\windows\system32")  and re-register the two files ATERT.dll and ATECTL.dll ("regsvr32 ATERT.DLL" and "regsvr32ATECTL.dll"). At this point version Y is ready for use.

1. You can create a batch file to automate this process and launch ATEasy at the end. You can create shortcut on your desktop to switch to version Y.
2. Make sure not to attempt to run executables created with newer version of ATEasy with older run time version. Newer run time can run older EXE files.
3. Modifying files created such as programs with newer version of ATEasy with older version of ATEasy is not recommended.
4. If you wish to have diffrenet options and settings for each version you may also need to copy and restore the ATEasy registry settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Geotest\ATEasy and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Geotest\ATEasy.

Article Date 9/4/2008
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