List of changes in GTDIO/DIOEasy Software version 3.20 build 42

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Summary List of changes in GTDIO/DIOEasy Software version 3.20 build 42
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GTDIO/DIOEasy Version 3.2 Build 42 (December 2008) Change List

  - Hardware Support Changes:
  - New support for the GX5055 DIO board.  
  - New support for the GX5291 DIO board.
  - GtDio versions 3.1 (Build 40) and above does not supports the GT5900, GT2550 and GT5150
    ISA boards anymore, use GTDDIO v3.0 to control these cards.

  - Fixed issues:
     • Driver:DioSetupClkStrobeDelay() returns an error when the handle passed into the function is a File handle.
     • DIOEasy: Gx529X and Gx5055 file types would crash when trying to copy and past channels.
  - New driver (Firmware) functionality:  
     • Gx528X/Gx529X:
       - Additional offset (advance or delay) of -3.0 to +3.0 nSec (0.25 increments) was added
         in order to ease timing alignment between DIO boards in a domain. See DioSetupClkStrobeDelay()
         function in the "DIO Programmer’s Reference Guide".
      • Gx529X:
       - Firmware version 0x8A00 and above allow reading the I/O pins data when the card is in PUASE/HALT state.
       - Firmware versions 0x8A00 and above integrates high speed memory read back operation.
  - New driver functions:
     • DioSetupExternalRefClkFrequency() - sets the External refernce clock frequency.
     • DioGetExternalRefClkFrequency() - returns the External refernce clock frequency.
     • DioFileSetChannelsOrder() - sets all 32-channels logical order in a DIO file.
     • DioFileGetChannelsOrder() - returns all 32-channels logical order in a DIO file.

  - DIO Virtual panel:
     • Support configurations using VISA and new multiple chassis slot numbering as
       well as legacy slot numbering.
     • Cut execution time for upgrading DIO's firmware.
     • Add Domain Setting Save and Recall - allow the user to save/recall the domains
       timing calibration settings after calibrating the clock and strobe delays between
       boards in the domain.
  - DIO User's Guides:
     • Update all User's Guides "Chapter 3: Installation and Setup" to reflect the
       support for the new HW v3.0 (PCI/PXI explorer and hardware access driver).
     • Update the "DIO Software User’s Guide" with the latest DIO panel description
       and Configuration.
  - Examples
     • New C example named "GtDioExampleC" supporting all PXI/PCI DIO boards.
     • New VB 6.0 and VB .NET 2005 examples.
     • New Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (2005) GtDio COM Object example.
     • New LabView library and examples.
  - New HW v3.2 ](PCI/PXI explorer and hardware access driver)
  - The new HW v3.2 is included in this release to support VISA, multiple chassis and more -
    more information is available under Program Files folder, Getotest\HW, ReadMe.txt.
    The new HW provides the following new/revised functionality:
    • New function, DioSetupInitializationVisa() - initializes the board using VISA, use VISA
      resource string or alias (configure using HW PXI Explorer) to identify the board
     (require NI-MAX).
    • GtDio boards are shown in VISA resource manager (NI-MAX), using HW v3.1.
    • DioSetupInitialization() function supports multiple chassis slot numbering (for example
      0x203 - chassis 2 Slot 3) as well as legacy slot numbering (1-255) as displayed
      in HW v3.1 PXI/PCI explorer.

Article Date 12/8/2008
Keywords GTDIO, DIOEasy, GX5050 Series, GX5055, GX5152, GX5152, GX5280 Series, GX5290 Series

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