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Summary List the changes in ATEasy v6.0 build 136, 136b
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The following changes were done since build 132:

ATEasy v6.0 build 136b, November 2008
  • Check All/Check Module does not check if data type of variables, procedures and types is undefined.
  • "Too few elements" error message when setting the array initial value with smaller number of elements in the variable property page. ATEasy allows to initial the array with smalller number of elements than what defined in the array.
  • .NET set-only properties are rejected when loading the assembly.
  • Assigning Variant to array of enumerated type generated an exception.
  • TestExec. Prompt On Failure does not prompt unless Pause on Failure was checked.
  • AChart. Current bar value for HiLo Horizontal Bar chart were not drawn correctly, it was drawn vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Unable to load a driver saved in build 136/142 with WinSocket interface.
  • New ATEasy.EXE command line option /s used with /b to suppress the error message that is displayed if the build results in error.
ATEasy v6.0 build 136a, October 2008 (intermidiate build)
  • When inserting the TestExec driver it create TestExecA shortcut name instead of TestExec.
  • Passing array of BString to COM method VAR BSTR[] does not work.
  • Passing array element to Var parameter of late-binding COM/.NET method does not work.
  • Comparison operands with Variant and unsigned integer returns wrong result.
  • Passing Var String parameter to an error statement generates an exception.
  • Passing CreateThread a form procedure generate exception.
  • VarDimSize() lDim parameter is now optional (0).
  • Setting AForm.OnQueryUnload pbCancel to TRUE does not keep the form when exiting a a catch block.
  • When inserting a variable under procedure the workspace displays the procedure variable mistakenly.
  • Project EXE/DLL file path is relative instead of absolute if not overrode by the user from the Project property page.
  • TestStatus=ERR terminate the application.
  • Setting AForm.OnQueryUnload pbCancel to TRUE does not prevent the form from close when exiting a a catch block inside a try statement.
ATEasy v6.0 build 136, August 2008 (service pack 2)
  • Includes all issues (see below) since build 132 (service pack 1) was release.
  • New propery AApp.Info property and new type enumAppInfoApp. The property is similar to App.Flags however it retuns a single flag. Two new flags were added aAppInfoIdeAbort and aAppInfoIdeReset indicating True if the user press the IDE abort or Reset command.
  • Fix. Test executive exit if the abort / reset statements called from within the program (134c issue).
  • Fix. Test executive did not display fail statistics when abort.
  • Fix. Type/COM Library display to show void * as Val Any and void ** as Var Any (in both cases address of the variable is pushed).
  • Fix. #ifdef work also on symbols (variable, types, procedures) and can be used to test if they exist.
  • Compiler error is generated if passing Const or literal to Var Any.  
  • Fix. Calling a module event in DoIt! mode sometimes ignored.
  • Fix. VarChangeType/Str did not work properly with BYREF variants.
  • Fix. ATEasy generated exception when cleaning up a parameter after a DLL call with NULL BString.
  • Fix. Improved error handling for operation and assignments when using variant data types containg unsigned integers that are unsupported by ole automation.
  • Fix. New statement for COM or .NET class does not work if the class resided outside of the current module.
  • Fix. Opening a text format driver file with discrete I/O operations did not read the discrete file correctly resulting in removal of the discrete values.
  • Fix. Assignment statement between a method or a property to a procedure type variable resulted in NoProcedure.
  • Fix. Assignment statement between a module event to a procedure sometimes generates NoProcedure.
  • Fix. Assignment statement between a module event to a procedure sometimes resulted in NoProcedure.
  • Fix. Opening a workspace files from Windows Explorer sometimes generated an exception.
  • Fix. Compiling a reference to a .NET class virtual property generated an exception.
  • New support for Variant data types with VT_Ux (unsigned integers) for operators such as add or subtract. Support for these types also expanded for older Windows (e.g. Windows 2K).
  • New HW v3.1 (PCI/PXI explorer and hardware access driver) is included in this release - more information is available under Program Files folder, Getotest\HW, ReadMe.txt.
ATEasy v6.0 build 134c, April 2008 (intermidiate build)
  • DLL Procedure view display the procedure vertically centered next  to the +/-.
  • Task/Test property page will rename the task/test name when untitled base on the task/test title.
  • Form with many controls are slow to draw in design time.
  • Changing Tab Order after run and running again genrate exception.
  • Changing title or name of a symbol not always reflected immediately in the Properties window title.
  • Startup dialog does not enable the OK button in the Recent page if no recent files are available in the list.
  • ATEasy About dialog displays the product Serial Number.
  • Variables initial value is shown in the Properties Value page for types such as DateTime, Double and more.
  • Viewing a Program DLL Constant value caused it value to be deleted after importing the DLL from header file.
  • Importing string constant from a hedaer file added extra space to the string.
  • Deleting a procedure variable from the command view is not updated in the command view procedures view.
  • Some third party controls (such as Microsoft TreeView, ListView) do not anchor correctly after its parent form or container is resize.
  • ATEasy generate exception when calculating watch expression with Late Bind expression with typedef return (for example AHandle).
  • On Empty Workspace, Print Document\Selection Enabled instead of disable.  
  • Unable to set the software license on Vista with user Access Control On.
  • Loading text format module that have command arguments with function calls corrupt the command argument
  • Commands displays a procedure in the parameters box instead of no procedure when the top level command is selcted (i.e. Driver)    
  • Improvments to import C/C++ header file.
  • Improvements to performance of ComRecive/SetInterfaceEvent.
  • When IDE Reset command is executed. OnReset events are called prior to reloading the application.
  • Toolbar button stays pressed when a combination of buttons is pressed.
  • Creating MDI child on a different thread than the MDI frame generate exception.
  • New support for Val/Var Any to DLL procedure to push Value/Pointer instead of just Pointer.
  • New examples in Language.prg to show calling sprintf and sscanf using optional Var/Val Any.
  • Optional [Val] Any not passing Null for second level procedure with [Val] Any parameter.
  • Optional [Val] array did not allocate one element for each dimension if an array was not passed as an argument.
  • Assigning lLong=vVariant[2] failed while dDouble=vVariant[2] is OK (vVariant contains array of LONG).  
  • COM Interface with Xon/Xoff handshake not working properly when set from the driver property page (ComSetup does work).
  • SetLogString() with no argument generate exception.
  • AImageListImage.ExtracIcon changed to AImageListImage.ExtractIcon.
  • AImageListImage.ExtractIcon generate exception if Icon not exist.
  • InputBox/MsgBox window is not using the Windows MessageBox font and sometimes is displayed behind the application window.
  • AForm.RemoveControl/AForm.RemoveMenu returns Bool value change was reverse to void since causes compatability issue with EXE files.
  • Internal Error after when event set by AddHandler is called on a form procedure and the procedure calls another control event.
  • After editing of a test exec profile, the profile will be reloaded if being used by the test executive.
  • Fault Analysis condition string size limitation increased to 5K.
  • Test Executive Log Word Wrap is to True to allow longer text not to clip.
  • Several improvements to the profile action, count and conditions.
  • New HW v3.0 (PCI/PXI explorer and hardware access driver) is included in this release - more information is available under Program Files folder, Getotest\HW, ReadMe.txt.
  • New drivers: GX1034, GX2002 and GX2472.
Build 134b November 29, 2007 v6.0  (intermidiate build)
  • ATEasy now traps exception generated by a DLL when DLL is unloaded
  • Test Executive/Profile forms for Select Program/UUT/Profile are sizable
  • AForm.RemoveControl/AForm.RemoveMenu returns Bool with False if an  error occured
  • New drivers GX5290 (GX5292)
Build 134a November 2, 2007 v6.0  (intermidiate build)
  • GetCallerName - new internal function to return the caller procedure  procedure name or test id
  • Support for Right to Left or non-english Locale:
  • When Form.RightToLeft is TRUE, menu, statusbar, and toolbar are displayed from right to left
  • All controls will display text using the current system locale
  • property pages for controls will display text using the current locale
  • Form.RightToLeft can be set at run-time (not read-only property)
  • New Variant constants: VarEmpty, VarErrorArgMissing,
  • DebugLog can be set at run-time (not read-only property anymore)
Article Date 1/12/2009
Keywords ATEasy, 6.0, 134, 134b

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