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Summary List the main new features and changes in version 7.0 (build 142, Aug 20, 2008).
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ATEasy version 7.0 contains numerous enhancements to the test development environment, run-time and Test Executive. The following list describes the main changes in this version.

Development Environment

  • ATEasy DLL - ATEasy supports creating a DLL from ATEasy code. The new Library Wizard creates a Library DLL project. Export commands supports generating of .vb/.h header files with prototypes of the functions exported by the DLL so they can be called from C or Visual Basic languages.
  • Threads Window - a new debug window for debugging a multi-threaded application. You can use the Threads window to view thread information - call stack and local variables.
  • Batch Build - a new command that displays the Batch Build dialog allowing you to select multiple workspace projects for build. The selected projects are saved to the workspace file.
  • Back/Forward navigation commands - these new View commands use the history of windows and symbols viewed and allows you to navigate between these symbols. Similar to Internet Explorer, a drop down history lists all symbols viewed in the ATEasy session.
  • New Log file format, Web Archive Single File format (.mht) is available in File Open as well as in ALog's Save and SaveAs methods for Log files.
  • ATML support - provides functions to export and import ATEasy test results and test descriptions in ATML format (.xml).
  • Support for LabView v8.5, v8.6 (all versions from 7.0 to  8.6 are now supported) and enhanced support for .NET.
  • Support for USB driver interface - provides control of USB RAW or TMC devices using IO Tables or the internal library.
  • New IDE Workspace Option for default file saving - Binary and Text format saves in both file formats every time the user saves . Allows you to maintain an up to date text format that can be used by external tools such as text editor or a source control application.
  • New IDE Options: Arguments for External Tools - a set of predefined variables that are available for invoking External Tools.  The Customize Tools dialog has been modified to accept new arguments and their values are passed when the tools are launched.
  • New IDE Option Auto Recover - this new option, when set, will cause ATEasy to save your work (modified files) every x minutes to a temporary location. When the workspace is loaded again after a system or any other failure, ATEasy will notify you of the modified files that are available for recovery.
  • New IDE command: Open Containing Folder - opens a folder in Windows' Explorer which contains the selected file.
  • New ATEasy Development Environment automation server (Application)  - provides access to some of the IDE functionality.

Run Time Engine

  • New LoadLibrary/UnloadLibrary statements for dynamic loading and unloading of DLL libraries while running.
  • New USB procedures to control USB RAW or USBTMC devices and support for USB driver interface.
  • New String tokenizer functions : Split, Join, Filter, Replace.
  • New Math functions - Min and Max returns the minimum or maximum value of two numbers.
  • New Misc function - GetCallerName used to retrieve the current or caller procedure name or test id.
  • New Time functions: Now, Date, Time, Year, Month, Day, Weekday, Hour, Minute, Second.
  • New ATask/ATest properties StartTime and EndTime.
  • New AApp.Info property and enumAAppInfo returns information about the application.
  • New Variant constants VarEmpty and VarErrorArgMissing and support for 64 signed and unsigned bit variant integers.
  • Support for converting a string to DateTime/Currency data types and vice versa.
  • New optional parameter added to CreateObject() : bFreeThreadingModel.  Allows the user to specify the server's threading model to be Free, instead of the Apartment model.
  • New HW v3.1 (Geotest PCI/PXI explorer and hardware access driver) is included in this release to support VISA, multiple PXI chassis, USB and more. More information is available under Program Files folder, Getotest\HW, ReadMe.txt.

Test Executive Enhancements

  • External Programs (EXE) Support - Unlike a typical project containing all test programs, supports for external programs allows you to create executables, each containing one (or more) programs, while still allowing all programs to run from the same user interface.  The main benefit is the support for modular test program development which allows adding programs to the test executive after the initial release of the application.
  • Profile driver - create and modify test sequences or profiles programmatically using commands.
  • Support for Web Archive Single File (.mht) - allows the user to save an HTML test log containing images into a single file.
  • Ability to disable checking or un-checking of tests and tasks in the tree pane.
  • New Option to show or hide the Log Summary tab (enOptionsDisplayLogSummaryTab).
  • New Option to retry a failed Task automatically (enOptionsRetryFailedTask).
See the Test Executive Help for detailed information regarding these new features.

New Examples/Drivers

  • ATEasyDLL.prj - this example shows how to create an ATEasy DLL and how to use the DLL from ATEasy code or from a C or VB based application.
  • Profile.prj - this example shows how to use profile commands to create a profile programmatically.
  • Visa.prj - VISA driver and example - this example shows how to use VISA to control an instrument from ATEasy using the ATEasy Visa.drv driver.
  • ATML.prj - this example shows how to use the new ATEasy ATML driver (ATML.drv) to export and format test description and results.
  • Ki210x.prj - driver/example for USB based driver Keithley 2100 DMM.
  • New Geotest drivers for GX1034, GX2002, GX2472 and GX5290.
Article Date 1/12/2009
Keywords ATEasy, v7.0

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