Integrating VISA, IVI and ATEasy to Migrate Legacy Test Systems

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Summary By Ron Yazma- September 2004
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New software technology, such as Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI), benefits customers of Automatic Test Equipment by reducing cost of ownership. The costs of rehosting test program software due to obsolescence issues can be reduced by using application development environments such as ATEasy and IVI. ATEasy provides the means of changing instruments and test system resources similar to IVI via its interchangeable Instrument Technology (I2T). IVI further allows the customer end-user to make the change without compiling the application, as ATEasy would require. Bycombining the power of both technologies, both the customer and the integrator benefit from maximum flexibility and options for instrumentation obsolescence.
This paper discusses the issues and concerns in applying this strategy to a deliverable test system. It discusses some of the obstacles and "speed-bumps" that were overcome during development. Although IVI has been around for over 5 years, it's still a new technology and early adopters will have the work around issues such as driver availability, varying levels of support by equipment vendors, and the lack of experience in the industry applying IVI.
The ATEasy environment can leverage the current, state-of-the art technology while positioning the user and integrator for the future.

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Article Date 4/14/2009

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