Integration of Software Technologies into a Test System

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Summary By Ron Yazma - September 2005
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Test applications often require integration of many software technologies. The white paper describes the benefits and the ways to integrate software technologies into an application. Several samples are provided:
  • A specific instrument driver is available only in a particular technology. Re-using or integrating the driver requires using that technology.
  • The application requires use of external software components to provide additional functionality such as databases to store test results or test requirement, user interface (i.e., ActiveX controls), spreadsheet, test log generation (HTML/XML), data analysis libraries, communication protocols, and more.
  • Existing or legacy code can be integrated into the current application.
  • Integration of these technologies will maximize code reuse and will allow faster completion of the test system application. The use of intuitive software can minimize coding, making integration of these technologies possible.

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Article Date 2/1/2010

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