A Common Core PXI Test Platform for Factory and Depot Applications

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Summary By Lowell Parsons and Mike Dewey - September 2006
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The test requirements for the manufacturing and maintenance of military - aerospace components, subsystems, and systems should ideally be addressed by a common test platform. The ability to leverage test programs, fixturing, test resources and even product knowledge all points to the use of a common core platform. However, more often than not, the requirements for supporting and maintaining these assemblies results in specifying and developing completely different test solutions- resulting in higher capital and maintenance expenditures for deployed systems and components. This paper reviews how one can successfully address the test needs associated with both the manufacture and maintenance of systems and components - based on a common core
solution and built around the PXI architecture, which can successfully address both the performance and economics aspects of test. The paper also presents a real world example of how this strategy has been successfully implemented on a current weapons system program.

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Article Date 2/1/2010

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