DATSA Obsolescence Management Approach

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Summary By Loofie Gutterman - September 2008
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The AN/GSM-305 Depot Automated Test System for Avionics (DATSA) is an aging Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) used by the U.S. Air Force on the B1B and F-15 programs since the late seventies. Originally built by Emerson, the DATSA systems are now faced with many obsolescence and reliability problems due to the “advanced age” of the systems. While there is no current funded program to replace all the DATSA systems in the inventory, each Air Logistics Center (ALC) is taking the necessary steps to improve the current situation and “patch up” the DATSA for their own local needs. One of these efforts, by Oklahoma City ALC (Tinker AFB), includes extending the DATSA life by replacing key obsolete instruments that can no longer be maintained.
Another effort by Ogden ALC (Hill AFB) led to the replacement of the DATSA altogether with an off-the-shelf tester that already had most of the TPSs for that program. This paper compares these two cases of extending life and complete replacement.

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Article Date 9/22/2009

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