PXI Based Flightline Test Sets

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Summary By Loofie Gutterman
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In the past decade, PXI has proven to be a powerful and robust standard that is suitable for most Mil-Aero test applications. PXI-based testers are widely used today in engineering test stations, as production acceptance testers, environmental stress screening testers, as well as full-fledged Intermediate-Level and Depot-Level testers. A lesser known fact is the success of PXI for field and flight-line test applications.

This paper discusses several flightline and backshop test applications based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) PXI products. The applications include a Field Test Set for the Maverick missile system, a back-shop test set for the Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), a back-shop armament test set for the TA-50 and FA-50 aircraft, and a portable test set for the C-130. These four testers are all based on an ultra-rugged COTS PXI platform - the MTS- 206 / 207 which has been successfully deployed since 2004 and has demonstrated the ability to operate reliably in any operational theater. The four testers demonstrate PXI’s viability as an ultra-rugged field and flight-line platform  - offering performance and capabilities that were previously only achievable with custom electronics or MIL-SPEC VME products.

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Article Date 9/24/2009 , 9/21/2021
Keywords PXI flightline test system, GX7100A, MTS-207, MTS -207, MTS-235, AME test system, JSF test system, Ruggedized PXI test system

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