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Summary Considerations when developing an organizational-wide process for development, deployment and maintenance of ATEasy-based test systems across an organization.
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ATEasy’s modular structure lends itself to the distribution of ATEasy development activities among different skills sets, allowing organizations to better control the development and deployment of ATEasy. The modular structure promotes achieving of code reuse, better manageability and increased efficiency.  

Because driver files, the test executive (which is an ATEasy driver as well), and the systems files can be reusable components between systems or shared by programs, they should be standardize to achieve better reusability.  To achieve standardization, organizations should define and allocate specific job responsibilities to enforce and create a streamlined process of managing the development and deployment. By assigning personnel with responsibilities to the various aspects of ATEasy module development, organizations can achieve much higher efficiency and code reusability.

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Article Date 5/19/2010
Keywords ATEasy, Deployment, Reusable Code

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