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Summary This KB article describes how to import an existing .DTB file to the Marvin Test Solutions GX5960 Digital Subsystem, remap .DTB assigned pin numbers to physical pins, execute the digital burst, and query the instrument for real time compare errors.
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TeradyneTM* users who have already developed digital test programs for the TeradyneTM* platform in the form of Digital Test Binary (DTB) files can convert them to XML files and then import them using Marvin Test Solutions' GtDio6x Software Front Panel.

The process of importing the DTB files consists of the following steps:
  • Exporting the DTB files to XML
The TeradyneTM* software front panel can be used to export a DTB file to XML format, allowing for a transparent and readable representation of the digital test data.
  • Creating a Domain to describe the GX5960 (GX5961/GX5964) Digital Subsystem
A Domain is a group of adjacent GX5960 PXI cards that are synchronized across the PXI backplane using a common set of timing signals. Several cards can be added to a domain in order to achieve a pin count that matches or exceeds the pin count requirement by the original .DTB file.

The GX5960 series is comprised of two individual, stand alone PXI cards, the GX5961 and the GX5964. The GX5961 has 16 I/O channels and additional connectors for auxiliary channels, high voltage pins, and an external probe connection. The GX5964 has 32 I/O channels. More information can be found at: GX5960. Depending on the needs of the end user (channel and feature requirements), one or more of these cards can be used to describe the digital subsystem. Using the GtDio6x Software Front Panel, a Domain can be set up in the domain tab as shown here:
Digital Test Software Front Panel
  • Importing and executing the XML file for the Marvin Test Solutions Gx5960 Digital Subsystem
The XML file can be imported into the GX5960 Digital Subsystem by way of a C API function call that is part of the Marvin Test Solutions Driver DLL. The function prototype of this function is as follows:

VOID WINAPI GtDio6xExecuteDigitalTest(SHORT nHandle, LPCSTR szXMLFile, PLONG palPinRemapping, LONG lPinRemappingArraySize, PSHORT pnTestResult, PLONG plStatus)

The array parameter palPinRemapping allows the end user to create a mapping between the DTB specified channel numbering and the physical channels that make up the Gx5960 Digital Subsystem Domain.

The indices of the array represent the physical channels of the domain and the values of each element represent the corresponding mapped pins from the DTB derived XML file. The following graphic shows this relationship:
Teradyne DTB File Conversion

The GtDio6xExecuteDigitalTest function will load the digital sub system with the pattern data, timing sets, and channel settings as specified in the DTB derived XML file and execute the digital burst.

  • Querying the Subsystem for error count and location
Once sequencer execution has started, its status can be polled by calling GtDio6xQuerySequencerStatus. Once execution has finished (or during execution), the user can query the instrument for a real time error count. The instrument also has a 1024 deep real time error memory that stores the pattern location of the first 1024 errors that have occurred. The error memory can be accessed by calling GtDio6xQueryErrorAddress. Finally, the error record memory can be accessed which stores a per channel and pin pass/fail result that mirrors the pattern data memory. The record memory can be accessed by calling GtDio6xQueryRecordData.
  • Saving configuration to a native Marvin Test Solutions XML file
Once the digital subsystem has been loaded with the DTB derived XML file, the configuration can be edited and saved in a Marvin Test Solutions native XML file format for later use by calling GtDio6xFileSaveConfiguration and GtDio6xFileLoadConfiguration.

* Teradyne is trademark of Teradyne, Inc.
Article Date 1/21/2011 , 5/6/2016
Keywords GX5960 Series, GX5964, GX5961, DTB, Teradyne, Digital, XML

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