Solving Functional Test Obsolescence

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Summary This paper provides an overview of how MTS' GENASYS functional test system can successfully address both current and future test needs that are presently supported by legacy functional test platforms.
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Electronic functional test equipment obsolescence challenges military, aerospace, and manufacturing test engineers who must support mission-critical electronics with lifecycles measured in decades. The lack of available OEM support for legacy Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems compels users to consider either replacing or upgrading high-performance legacy ATE systems. Yet, the perception that replacing or upgrading obsolete systems is very expensive, extremely difficult, and / or sacrifices functionality prevents users from adopting either solution.

GENASYSMarvin Test Systems’ PXI-based test system offers the features and capabilities needed to support both legacy and next generation factory and depot test needs. Key features and capabilities of the GENASYS platform’ include:
  • A high performance, PXI-based, digital subsystem for both legacy and next generation digital test needs
  • Configurable, commercial off the shelf (COTS) digital, analog, and switching software components
  • Comprehensive test program migration tools supporting legacy L200 / L300 test systems
To learn more about how the GENASYS platform can solve functional test obsolescence, click Downloadhere.
Article Date 10/10/2019
Keywords L200, L300, Spectrum 9100, LASAR, GR2750, hybrid pins, functional test

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