Flightline Testing of Laser-Guided Munitions

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Summary With the increasing sophistication of laser-guided munitions, an advanced and reliable test solution is now essential to successful operations. Offering hand-held, O-Level functionality, Marvin Test Solutions’ MT1888 laser source simulators deliver efficient functional test of munitions while loaded aboard aircraft. These state-of-the-art products feature compatibility with all NATO specification-based, laser-guided munitions in a portable, cost-effective unit.
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Read the white paper, "Flightline Testing of Laser Guided Munitions," to learn more about the key features of the MT1888 Series including:

  • Lightweight, handheld design suitable for flightline, backshop, and depot testing
  • Eye-safe operation, no protective goggles required
  • Simulated returns from "laser painted" targets
  • Support of all U.S. laser-guided weapons
  • LCD screen and membrane switches select PRF and PIM laser code selection (MT1888A and MT1888A+)
  • Remote control option (MT1888A+)
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Article Date 7/18/2014 , 9/8/2021
Keywords MT1888; laser; source; simulator; O-Level; portable; tester;

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