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Summary For both legacy and next generation test requirements, the PXI architecture offers a robust set of capabilities for performance mixed-signal test applications. By combining the capabilities of a performance digital subsystem (GX5960) with the flexibility of the GX7016 switching subsystem, the GENASYS platform provides all of the capabilities needed to address both legacy and future test needs. And with the modularity of these subsystems, end users have the option to configure these systems with moderate to high pin counts and with a wide range of instrumentation. The GENASYS platform and its subsystems has wide applicability for both factory and depot applications – solving both the legacy and future test needs for high value, mission critical products.
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Mission critical, high value electronic products require comprehensive functional testing prior to final shipment or deployment.  In addition there are many products in use today that have lifecycles extending into decades, creating a challenge for test organizations that must support these products.  The lack of available OEM support for legacy Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems compels users to consider either replacing or upgrading high-performance legacy ATE systems. Marvin Test Solutions’ PXI-based, GENASYS platform offers the features and capabilities needed to support both legacy and next generation factory and depot test needs.

Read the white papers to learn more about the GENASYS platform’s key features including:
  • A high performance, modular , switching subsystem  that addresses both legacy and future test needs
  • A high performance digital subsystem for both legacy and next generation digital test needs
  • Configurable, commercial off the shelf (COTS) digital, analog, and switching software components including migration tools for addressing legacy test applications
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Article Date 7/2/2015
Keywords PXI; functional; test; solutions; legacy; TS-323; GENASYS; switching; subsystem;

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