Implementing Digital Interfaces with User Programmable FPGAs

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Summary This paper will provide an overview of present day digital test interface requirements with a focus on serial digital interfaces which have become increasingly common for the control and monitoring of electronic modules and systems.
The electronics test engineer is constantly challenged by a myriad of digital interfaces. Military, Space, Communications, and Automotive electronics all utilize both industry standard and custom digital interfaces. Many of these interfaces are supported with test instrumentation that is dedicated to a specific interface or alternatively, a cycle-based, general purpose digital I/O instrument may be employed.  Using dedicated test instrumentation can be very costly and general purpose digital I/O instrumentation can offer only a partial solution as well as requiring substantial programming / debugging, with either solution ultimately driving up the cost of test. A user-programmable FPGA-based solution can offer a cost-effective, alternative solution for supporting digital interfaces and specifically, serial interfaces.

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Article Date 9/22/2017
Keywords digital, FPGA, interface, serial

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