Leveraging Industry Standards for User Programmable FPGA Instrumentation

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Summary This paper discusses the use of industry standard design tools, the proper use of intellectual property (IP), and the use/adoption of standardized FPGA interfaces such as the ANSI/VITA 57 standard.
Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are used extensively in today’s electronic assemblies and test engineers are also choosing to incorporate FPGA-based instrumentation as part of their functional test solutions. Today there are a variety of user-programmable FPGA-based instruments available to test engineers which can be used to support a wide range of applications and interfaces. These instruments employ a range of programming tools and architectures. However, to ensure maximum flexibility and long-term / organic support for test systems and applications, both the suppliers and end-users of these instruments need to focus on employing industry standards.

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Article Date 9/25/2018
Keywords FPGA, VHDL, HDL, VITA, FMC, GX3700, GX3700e, GX3500

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