Countering Cybersecurity and Counterfeit Material Threats in Test Systems

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Summary This paper explores the ATE cybersecurity issue from the perspective of the test development environment, including the use of test executives, and the challenges associated with minimizing impact to data integrity and access to control, as well as the potential impact on the UUT from substandard counterfeit parts and those embedded with malware.
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Automatic test systems designed to validate the performance of military and aerospace products have always been held to a higher standard; moreover, emerging threats to data security and instrumentation integrity continue to raise this bar.  Engineers are faced with growing pressure to not only ensure that the unit under test (UUT) meets all design criteria, but that it remains safe from malicious attacks aimed at gaining access to test parameters or results, controlling of test sequences and functionality, downloading malware, or impacting functionality by way of counterfeit parts installed in instrumentation.

Originally presented at AUTOTESTCON 2019.

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Article Date 10/16/2019
Keywords Cybersecurity, AD9100D, AS5553, Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), LXI, ATE, TPS, ATEasy.

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