Addressing ATE Instrument Obsolescence with Form / Fit / Function Compatible…

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Summary This paper discusses how the use of a form / fit / function instrument replacement solution was employed for replacing pulse and arbitrary waveform function generators that are part of the Hybrid Test Set (HTS) AN/USM-484 test system.
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The availability of form, fit, function (FFF) replacement instrument solutions offers a viable path for extending the life cycle of automatic test systems and preserving the investment in associated test programs. And for those applications where a significantly large number of active TPSs are involved, the FFF approach offers the only real viable solution. By employing a FFF replacement solution, test system maintainers are able to extend the life cycle of ATE and the associated test program sets as well as improve performance and reliability of both the ATE and the test programs.

Originally presented at AUTOTESTCON 2019.

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Article Date 9/5/2019
Keywords legacy instrumentation, instrument obsolescence, pulse generator, arbitrary waveform generator

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