Organizational Level Armament Test Reimagined

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Summary This paper explores the need for a universal O-Level armament test set that combines all O-Level armament tests into one, to support legacy as well as new and emerging aircraft armament.
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Armament testing is challenging, and problematic on good days, but when the aircraft and munitions advance exponentially faster than the test equipment it quickly becomes a daunting task.  Challenges such as numerous testers to utilize and master, along with outdated test equipment, have taken a toll on many maintainers over the years, and prevent full realization of Agile Combat Employment (ACE).  

Download this white paper to learn how innovative solutions such as the SmartCan have the potential to rewrite armament testing models, finally advancing the required test equipment into the digital era.

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Article Date 9/14/2022
Keywords O-Level, I-Level, SmartCan, MTS3060A, flightline, armament, ACPTS, Agile Combat Employment, ACE, ANG, US Air Force, armament test set

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