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Summary Configure an Instrument to use in CalEasy using the ATEasy Interface
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Steps to Configure CalEasy Standard Instruments Using the ATEasy Panel and Control Applet

The following steps will show you how to configure a GPIB or PXI Standard instrument for use in CalEasy, a common and necessary step for calibration of instruments.

  1. Configuring a GPIB Interface
    • Open the ATEasy Interfaces: Tools->ATEasy Interfaces...

    • Click on 'National Instruments GPIB boards' and Click the 'Change...' button (for this example we are using NI GPIB interface)
    ATEasy Run-Time Configuration Applet
    • Click the 'Settings...' button to set the National Instrument GPIB Board
    • Configure the ATEasy Board Address
    ATEasy Board SettingsNI MAX
    Board Settings
    Interface Number is Configured by NI-MAX.
    0 for GPIB0, 1 for GPIB1, etc.
    The Primary address is the device's GPIB address that ATEasy uses to access the board.
    Typically, it is set to 0, unless you have a device already using that address

    Click 'Ok' once the Interface Number and Primary Address are set. Then close the ATEasy Run Time Configuration.
    • Add the Standard Instrument by clicking on Tools->Standards/Instruments
    Standard Instrument
    • Select  the Standard and fill-in the Information
    Standard Instrument
    • Select GPIB for Interface Type and Click 'Set' to setup the GPIB Address
    The Board and Primary Address should be identical to what is configured in NI-Max. Click 'OK' and Click 'Add'.

  2. Configuring a PXI Interface

    • Click Tools->Standards/Instruments
    • Select Standard and fill up the information
    • Select Interface PXI for Interface Type
    • Set Address using 0xabb format
    a - represents the chassis number (e.g. 1 for chassis 1)
    bb - represents the slot number (e.g. 01 for slot 1)
    • Click 'Add' and to start using in CalEasy


    CalEasy allows you to conveniently and reliably calibrate many of MTS's instruments without having to send the instrument out of the building. Using the steps outlined above, you should be well on your way to performing your calibration in-house and minimize down time.

Article Date 3/26/2024
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