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Summary This white paper illustrates how the handheld SmartCan is fully capable of replacing EVERY O-Level armament test set in use today across any Service, enabling Agile Combat Employment (ACE).
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Agile Combat Employment (ACE) is a USAF operational concept that enhances warfighters’ resiliency and survivability through the use of a streamlined and reduced logistics footprint to support small, lethal, and survivable force packages via highly-maneuverable deployments.

Currently deployed O-Level armament test equipment is unable to test multiple aircraft with a single system — handheld or otherwise — limiting the successful execution of the ACE CONOPS.

Download this white paper to learn how the handheld SmartCan enables ACE, providing faster setup and test times, comprehensive test coverage, and data capture for predictive maintenance, replacing heavy big-box test sets with no compromise in performance.

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Article Date 4/26/2022
Keywords ACE, SmartCan, flightline, armament test

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