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Geotest Introduces PXI Video Generator Board

Geotest Introduces PXI Video Generator Board

GX3671 Video Generator product offers a cost-effective PXI instrument for generating video images

Irvine, Calif. (September 13, 2010) – Geotest today announced the introduction the GX3671 Video Generator board. Based on the Geotest GX3500 FPGA board, the GX3671 supports the generation of 640 x 480 images for VGA, composite Video (NTSC & PAL), and S-video formats with 30 bits of color resolution. In addition, the user has full access to the module’s FPGA core, providing the flexibility to modify the video generator’s parameters or create custom video signals for specialized video display or video processor applications.

“The GX3671 offers a customers compact and cost effective PXI – based video generator solution for testing video displays and video processors,” said David Manor, Geotest’s VP of engineering. “With its RAM based video image memory, users have complete flexibility to create and generate custom or standard video images.”

The GX3671 is a single slot, 3U PXI module and is supplied with a video interface module which supports a variety of video interfaces including VGA, S-Video and composite video. Software for the module includes tools for importing and loading .bmp images into the module’s video RAM.

Production shipments will start in December 2010

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