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Geotest Announces Industry-Leading High-Performance PXI-based Digital Instrument for Semiconductor Test

Geotest Announces Industry-Leading High-Performance PXI-based Digital Instrument for Semiconductor Test

GX5295 offers a single board test solution for Component and SoC with digital I/O and per pin PMU capabilities

Irvine, Calif. (September 13, 2010) – Geotest today announced the GX5295, a new PXI-based digital I/O with a per-pin PMU instrument for component and SoC test applications. Offering a major advancement in functionality and capabilities for semiconductor test that integrates digital and analog test capabilities into a single PXI card, the GX5295 offers market leading performance and features by combining 32 channels of 100 MHz digital test capabilities with per pin parametric measurement capability.

Previously, test engineers developing PXI test systems for digital and mixed-signal component test had to incorporate separate modules for switching, DC parametric test, and digital I/O. Now, with the Geotest GX5295, engineers have, for the first time, a PXI instrument that addresses both AC and DC test applications at nearly half the cost of other solutons. Additionally, because the GX5295 has a PMU per pin, no switching or multiplexing is needed, reducing test system complexity and the need for separate source / measure modules as well as improving signal integrity.

“The GX5295 is the first PXI digital instrument of its kind, with per pin test capabilities, including programmable drive / sense voltage levels and per pin parametric measurement capability,” said Loofie Gutterman, president of Geotest. “With our long history in the test and measurement industry, we continue to expand our PXI digital instrumentation offerings to meet the growing demands of design and test engineers test while lowering the price and complexity of digital instrumentation and ATE test solutions.”

The cost-effective, per-pin architecture of the GX5295 makes the card an ideal choice for high throughput, mixed-signal component test applications. The card supports a full range of digital test capabilties, per pin programmable drive / sense levels, and a per pin PMU (parametric measurement unit) for DC characterization. The GX5295 can be synchronized with up to 15 additional GX5295 cards, providing a 512-channel system in a single PXI chassis without the need for add-on modules. The GX5295 is offered with a full featured API and user interface for a variety of software development environments including ATEasy, C, Visual BASIC, COM, LabWindows and LabVIEW. DIOEasy, a full featured waveform editor and display tool is also supplied with the instrument. Software tools are also available for importing various digital vector formats including WGL and ASCII file formats.

The GX5295 is available October 15th.

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