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GT7404 Low Cost, Power Interface for Unit Under Test (UUT)








GT7404 - Low Cost, Power Interface
For Unit Under Test (UUT)


    +5 V output, up to 9 A

    +12 V output, up to 1.5 A

    -5 V and -12 V outputs, up to 0.5 A

    Occupies One GTXI Card Slot

    Remote Voltage/Current Monitoring

    External Disable Line

    On Board Prototype Area

Santa Ana, CA---Geotest/Marvin Test Systems

introduces the GT7404,  a GTXI based power output interface that provides external power for Unit Under Test (UUT).    Designed as a low cost method of powering a UUT, the GT7404 uses the GTXI Carrier Card form factor to output four voltage levels; +5 V, +12 V, -5 V and -12 V from the backplane via a DB25 connector to the front panel for easy user interface.

The GT7404 takes the voltages present on the GTXI backplane to a DB25 connector on the front panel.
Each of the four power channels provides the following features:

  • Computer controlled relay for ON/OFF function
  • A user replaceable fuse for over current protection
  • Current and Voltage monitoring by measuring the voltage drop across an on-board 4-wire resistor
  • An optional UUT discharge component

Additional Features:

The GT7404 includes a 8x90, 100 mil. matrix prototype areas where +5 V, +12 V, -5 V and -12 V outputs are present. External disable and UUT discharge capabilities are also provided.

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