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GT5150 Dynamic Digital Input/Output Card








Dynamic Digital Input/Output Card Captures or Simulates Long Digital Patterns at 50 MHz Rate

Santa Ana, CA August 1998 - Geotest/Marvin Test Systems introduces the GT5150 Dynamic Digital Input or Output Card designed for high-speed digital pattern capture or digital pattern generation. The GT5150 features a programmable clock rate from 10 Hz to 50 MHz and up to 128 Mbit per pin memory in an 8 I/O pin configuration.

The GT5150 is ideally suited for application in Automatic Test Equipment for digital component, memory, and CCD testing. Additional applications include video capture, stimuli, image processing, or other applications where high-speed and long digital vector capture or generation is required.


32 Input or Output pins

8 cards can be daisy chained for a total of 256 pins

1 Mb to 32 Mb behind each pin in full I/O configuration

Up to 64 Mbit per pin when 16 I/O pins per board are used

Up to 128 Mbit per pin when 8 I/O pins per board are used

Can be combined with the GT5050

Programmable clock rate from 10 Hz to 50 MHz


Each GT5150 provides 32 digital input or output pins for real-time capture or stimuli of very long digital patterns. Up to eight GT5150 cards can be daisy-chained together for a total configuration of 256 pins. The GT5150 architecture will support up to a total of 128 Mbits of memory behind selected input (or output) pins. Clock rates are user programmable from 10 Hz to 50 MHz. The GT5150 can be used in combination with the GT5050, a bi-directional Digital I/O card employing a powerful sequencer to generate repetitive signals.

The GT5150 can accommodate up to 8 memory SIMMs, each SIMM providing 1 Mb, 2 Mb or 4 Mb per pin memory, for a maximum of 32 Mb. (Other memory configurations are available. Consult the factory). The GT5150 architecture will enable the user to stack the memory to reconfigure the GT5150 for 16-pin operation with 64 Mb memory depth or for 8-pin operation with 128Mb-memory depth.

A limited sequencer is implemented in an additional memory SIMM. The sequencer enables a conditional/unconditional JUMP to two predefined addresses and a PAUSE command. The sequencer commands can be applied every eighth step.

The Clock signal originates on the timing module and is distributed to the slave GT5150 via a ribbon cable. The signal can be provided externally for full synchronization with external events.

The Trigger signal will initiate the execution of vector capturing or vector stimuli. The multiple software and hardware trigger sources provide flexibility in synchronizing the GT5150 to real world events.

I/O module
The GT5150 I/O stage is mounted on a Plug-In-Unit card that "piggy-backs" onto the GT5150 PCB. The default I/O module is a TTL interface with programmable terminators. Additional I/O modules are available in the accessories section of that Geotest catalog. Please call Geotest for customized I/O modules.

The following piggyback modules are currently available:

  • 3.3 V TTL
  • 5 V TTL
  • Output Level Shifter
  • Differential Input/Output
  • 100 MHz converter


The GT5150 can be controlled and programmed in multiple ways:

  • DIOEasy- A stand-alone, graphical interface to define, view, and edit digital vectors.
  • DOS and Windows driver - Static DOS drivers and DLL function for Windows 3.1, 95, and NT.
  • GT5150 virtual panel - A complete control panel to initialize, initiate, load, and run the GT5150.
  • Any combination of the above.


Basic GT5150 models starting from $5,500


2-4 weeks ARO SIMMs memory average cost $1,500/1 Mbit/32 I/O pins

For additional information contact:

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