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Geotest Expands PXI Chassis Product Line for High Performance Applications

Irvine, Calif. (November 7, 2011) – Geotest has announced two new additions to its 3U PXI chassis product line. The GX7305 master chassis and the GX7315 slave chassis feature 20 PXI slots with only one slot required for an embedded  or remote controller, providing 19 peripheral PXI slots for instrumentation. Both chassis offer 1600 watts of system power, providing twice the power per slot (60 watts) compared to a standard PXI chassis and feature a high capacity, forced-air cooling configuration for effective thermal management of each peripheral PXI slot.
“Geotest has continued to expand its PXI chassis portfolio and the GX7305 and GX7315 represent our latest additions to our PXI chassis product line which is the broadest and most diverse in the industry,” said Loofie Gutterman, president of Geotest. “ These chassis, with their high capacity power systems, offer customers the flexibility and capabilities to develop test systems using high performance digital, analog and RF instrumentation without being constrained by a PXI chassis  that offers only the minimum power per slot as specified  by the PXI standard.”
Like Geotest’s other PXI chassis, the GX7305 and GX7315 feature software controlled Smart functions,   providing per slot temperature monitoring, system power supply monitoring, fan monitoring / control and PXI trigger mapping – all accessible via an API or UI.

Pricing and Availability:
The GX7305 and GX7315 are available now.
GX7305: $9,995 USD; GX7315: $8,895 USD.

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