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Geotest Announces New 2.0 GHz Time Interval Counter

Geotest Announces New 2.0 GHz Time Interval Counter

AUTOTESTCON (September 21, 2004) Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., announces the GTX2230, a 3U PXI 2.0 GHz universal time interval counter offering 2,300 measurements per second-the fastest rates available. The GTX2230 is the newest member of the GTX22x0 family, which also includes the GTX2210 (225 MHz) and GTX2220 (1.3 GHz) time interval counters. It offers  14 measurement functions , including: accumulate, auto ration, frequency, fast frequency, period, ratio, single period, test clock, time interval, time interval delay, totalize, totalize gated, totalize gated once, and width. In addition, the GTX2230 can determine any frequency to 0.1 parts per million (seven digits) in just 1 ms and resolve each time measurement to 100 ps. This allows for increased accuracy as well as reduced measurement time.

The GTX2230 counter uses an on-board microprocessor with embedded firmware to off-load processing tasks from the main CPU. It uses high-density, low-power field programmable gate arrays to perform complex logic tasks. Reciprocal counting techniques enable the GTX2230 to achieve high resolution measurements on lower frequency signals without sacrificing measurement time.  Additionally, the counter includes an on-board timebase - 10 MHz TCXO- for internal frequency reference. An external input is provided for external timebases.

"With the ability to cover frequencies up to 2.0 GHz, the GTX2230 extends our counter and timing capabilities well into the microwave range," said David Manor, Vice President of Engineering. "This allows our customers with microwave applications to take advantage of the low-cost and small footprint of the PXI form factor."

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