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Geotest Introduces GP1665 Function Generator

Geotest Introduces GP1665 Function Generator

AUTOTESTCON (September 21, 2004) Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., introduces the GP1665 Series Function Generators-programmable instruments capable of generating predefined sine, square, triangle, ramp, and DC waveforms. The firmware for the GP1665W is customized to the Wavetek 178 GPIB command set, while the firmware for the GP1665H is customized for the Hewlett Packard 8165A command set for 100% Form-Fit-Function replacement of legacy equipment. Test Program Sets (TPSs) using the legacy instrument require no code modification when replacing these obsolete products with the GP1665 Series.

The GP1665 Series utilizes Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) for stability and accuracy of the full frequency range 1µHz to 50MHz. It offers Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, as well as precision bursts for trigger, gate, and burst modes. The GP1665 Series provides internal storage of up to 10 complete sets of parameters and settings by using its internal non-volatile memory; this allows current settings to be saved in case of power failure.  Additionally, the GP1665s give users the option of linear and logarithmic sweeps over three decades with sweeps going down to 1 µHz. Trigger and modulation modes are available for applications needing modulated bursts. Trigger modes can be used in conjunction with AM or FM from 1 mHz to 50 MHz.

"The GP1665 provides a cost-effective solution for customers currently trying to maintain legacy HP 8165As and Wavetek 175s," said Lynn Murdock, Vice President Sales and Marketing. "Geotest offers a complete line of Form-Fit-Function and functional system replacements to combat the growing problem of test equipment obsolescence."

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