Test Connections - March 2011

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PXI Instrumentation for Semiconductor Test Applications — Benefits and Capabilities

For semiconductor test applications, the need to do more with less is a constant challenge. Manufacturers of semiconductor devices are continually challenged to manage costs — including test costs. Recent advances and capabilities of PXI instrumentation now offer semiconductor test engineers the ability to drive down the cost of test by using the PXI platform.
PXI Card
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Creating a Custom LED Test Application in Record Time

Learn how Geotest teamed with Accelonix to quickly develop and integrate a test solution for the newest LED lighting technology from BlueSpan.
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Importing WGL Files for Use with Geotest Digital Instruments

If you are using the Waveform Generation Language (WGL) file format and want to use these files with Geotest digital instruments, Geotest's DIOEasy-FIT toolkit provides an easy way to import these files.
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Newsworthy Happenings

Join Geotest at DATE11 to learn about the GX5295 instrument for semiconductor test applications; take part in the second annual board test and debug event at ElectroTest; and read about GtLinux 1.0, a new software driver package that allows customers to run Geotest’s PXI instruments on Linux. The latest news and events from Geotest, at home and around the world.
In the news
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Geotest offers the GT95014 Adapter Board, which simplifies interfacing from Geotest Digital I/O cards to the Unit Under Test.Read on to learn more.
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Procedures for importing non-standard Function Panel (VXI Plug&Play) FP drivers into ATEasy.Click here to learn more.
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