Test Connections - April 2014

Solving Functional Test Obsolescence

Electronic functional test equipment obsolescence is a challenge all commercial and aerospace users face when supporting mission-critical electronics that must last for decades. Unfortunately, the perception that upgrading or replacing systems is very expensive or difficult – or worse yet, sacrifices functionality – often keeps many users from updating their systems. The result is greater costs in the long run, when the outdated systems eventually experience down time, and replacement parts no longer support the original components.

Obsolescence Impacts Everyone
The problem of obsolescence reaches across multiple roles and phases of the test system. For example, test engineers know that while the legacy ATE test systems are obsolete, they possess unique high-performance test capabilities built up over time. In order to maintain this system knowledge, it’s important to migrate or update carefully and effectively.

Similarly, test department managers must find the most cost-effective equation for keeping their ATE test systems running, and because of the constant technology evolution within the electronics industry – many ATE test systems are no longer supported by OEMS. This poses a unique challenge to managers tasked with keeping their systems functional yet affordable.

The Solution to Obsolescence
The new GENASYS™ functional test system solves the problem of system obsolesce by offering a high-performance, flexible, and scalable solution, built on the industry-standard PXI architecture, in a footprint ideal for both factory and depot applications. GENASYS™ not only helps you convert and migrate your legacy tests, but it also keeps you prepared for future technology developments and requirements, thanks to its open, COTS-based architecture.
Solving Functional Test Obsolescence

The GENASYS™ system includes:
  • A PXI-based, card modular industry standard architecture
  • Configurable subsystems employing commercial off the shelf (COTS) digital, analog, and switching software components

The high-performance digital subsystem supports vector rates up to 20 MHz, an integrated analog switching system supporting a hybrid pin system, and robust test program migration tools. Its field-proven PXI platform leverages high-performance and high-density FPGAs, integrated analog electronics, and digital functional test subsystems, all in a rugged, compact chassis.

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