Test Connections - September 2015

We are entering a very exciting time for us as we will be exhibiting at a number of tradeshows beginning the second week of September through mid-November. Marvin Test Solutions will be out in force at major tradeshows including the Air Force Association, Dubai Airshow, and Autotestcon.
Steve Sargeant, CEO

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Marvin Test Solutions Expands MTS-3060 SmartCan™ Capabilities

Marvin Test Solutions continues to add new capabilities and platform support for its MTS-3060 SmartCan™. The innovative SmartCan represents the next generation in advanced flightline armament test and provides the functionality needed to support multiple types of weapon systems and aircraft.
MTS-3060 SmartCan
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Expanding Digital Test Capabilities with a Multi-Site Test Feature

Test engineers are constantly challenged to do more with their test resources. One method to improve overall test throughput and test resource utilization is to implement a multi-site test strategy for testing semiconductor or board level products.
Working with a major supplier of MEMs devices, Marvin Test Solutions has recently updated the GX5295 digital instrument’s features to easily support the testing of multiple MEMs devices using a single, 32 channel digital instrument, without resorting to complex multi-threading test programs and multiple instrument test system configurations.
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Marvin Test Solutions has recently expanded its user programmable FPGA product line with the addition of the GX3788, which adds analog measurement and stimulus capabilities to the GX3700 FPGA family of PXI modules.
Learn more about the GX3788’s digital and analog test features and how they can be customized for your specific multi-function test needs.
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Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions

  • See us at upcoming industry conferences and tradeshow events
  • New and recent YouTube videos
  • Trade publication news
Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions
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Marvin Test Solutions has recently released updated drivers and software for several hardware and software products.
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Upgrading MTS instrument Firmware
Most MTS instruments have field upgradeable firmware. Learn how to upgrade your instrument’s firmware.

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