Test Connections - September 2016

ATEasy® - Nine Generations and 25 Years of Making Test Easy

25 Years of Making Test Easy
This year, MTS celebrates the silver anniversary of ATEasy test executive / test development software. 25 years after it was first introduced to the ATE market, ATEasy is still the only integrated  Test Executive and Development suite available today offering a structured environment that mimics your system’s hardware configuration and provides easy and intuitive programming, with  support for instrument drivers, 3rd party source control tools, and external libraries.

ATEasy is specifically designed to support test systems and ATE, and offers backward compatibility over all versions spanning its 25-year history. And as demonstrated by ATEasy’s longevity, Marvin Test Solutions’ long-term product support is unrivaled in the industry.
Find out how users have benefited by adopting ATEasy as their test software platform, and why most of our early customers are still using ATEasy today, upgrading to the latest version as new features are added.
For academic and training applications, Intro Kits are a great way to get an introduction to ATEasy, with special pricing and an included multi-function demo board.

To learn more about ATEasy, please visit www.marvintest.com. And for those attending AUTOTESTCON this year, we invite you to attend our ATEasy 25 celebration which will be held at our booth (813) on Wed, 9/14 at 3 PM.

What's New
We have just released the following updates for ATEasy:
  • ATEasy version 9 build 154
  • ATEasy version 10 Beta 2
Both are available for download from the ATEasy web page: www.MarvinTest.com/ATEasy

ATEasy Version 9 build 154:
  • Enhanced Find/Replace functionality
  • Enhanced Source Control support
  • Command line /Simulate functionality
  • Increased memory space from 2GB to 3GB for EXE and IDE
  • Support for latest LabVIEW™,  32 or 64 bit VIs
  • Expanded and updated driver library and examples
  • ATEasy LT support
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Support for Windows® XP (sp3) - Windows® 10  (x86/x64)

ATEasy Version 10 Beta 2
  • New ATEasy Merge Tool
  • New Folder Compare Tool
  • Edit/View/Find/Replace in Text Format with syntax highlighting inside the IDE
  • New IDE Commands and Options: Close/Save Workspace As. . ., IDE Font selection and more
  • Expanded Toolbar Commands
  • New capability to embed ATEasy Run-Time when creating EXE/DLL files
  • No External C/MFC Shared Libraries Dependencies
  • Expanded Test Log Templates, supporting headers, styles, and graphing and filtering test results
  • Support for Windows® XP (sp3) - Windows® 10  (x86/x64)
  • Backward compatibility with ATEasy v3 - v9