Test Connections
- February 2021

GX5295 Dynamic Digital I/O PXI Card

Outstanding Capabilities
The GX5295 Dynamic Digital I/O with Per Channel Programmable Logic Levels and PMU PXI Card offers outstanding digital test capabilities and channel density in a compact 3U PXI form factor. Offering both performance digital and analog test capabilities, the GX5295 provides a cost-effective, tester per pin architecture - making this card the ideal choice for high throughput, mixed-signal component test applications.

Independent pin resources are essential for many applications. The GX5295’s pin electronic resources are independent on a per channel basis and include a full-featured PMU for DC characterization of DUTs. The PMU can operate in the force voltage / measure current or force current / measure voltage mode. In addition, the driver and receiver can be configured to support differential input and output signals from / to the UUT.
Sequencer flexibility is also a common requirement.  The GX5295’s sequencer can halt or pause on a defined address or loop through the entire memory as well as loop on a defined address range or through a defined block of memory. Two modes of digital test are also supported - a Stimulus / Response and a real-time compare mode. The Stimulus / Response mode is used for driving and capturing data. Alternatively, for digital tests requiring long test vectors, the real-time compare mode can be used to significantly shorten overall test times by comparing in real-time, expected test results and logging only failed vectors and resultant test results (pass or fail).

The GX5295 is supplied with DIOEasy, which provides powerful graphical vector development / waveform display tools as well as a virtual instrument panel, 32-bit DLL driver libraries, and documentation. The virtual panel can be used to interactively control and monitor the instrument from a window that displays the instrument’s current settings and status. In addition, various interface files provide access to the instrument’s function library for programming tools and languages such as ATEasy®, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Delphi, and LabVIEW.

Optionally, DtifEasy is available for use the GX5295. DtifEasy offers a complete LASAR post-processor and test execution environment for post-processing and executing of LASAR generated .tap files.

The GX5295 is ideal for a variety of test applications, including:

  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Semiconductor test
  • Displays, printers, and disk drive testing
  • ASICs testing
  • A/D and D/A testing
  • Video acquisition / playback applications
  • High speed, bi-directional bus testing / emulation

To learn more about the GX5295 and real-world applications using Marvin Test Solutions' Digital I/O instrumentation products, the following resources are available: