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ICEasy Test Suite

  • Comprehensive suite of software tools for semiconductor test applications
  • Available with Marvin Test Solutions' TS-900 / TS-960 Semiconductor Test Systems and GX5295 / GX5296 digital subsystems
  • File translation tools for STIL, WGL, ATP and VCD formats
  • DC and AC test tools including I-V curve and shmoo plots
  • Seemlessly integrates with the TS-900 / 960's test executive (ATEasy®)


Marvin Test Solutions' ICEasy Test Suite is supplied with both the TS-900 and TS-960 semiconductor test platforms and provides a comprehensive set of software tools - facilitating the development and debugging of test programs for semiconductor devices. In addition the suite includes I-V curve and Shmoo plot tools for analyzing a device's DC and AC characteristics. The complete suite of tools interfaces seamlessly with Marvin Test Solutions' ATEasy®, a test executive and test development environment which is supplied with each TS-900 / TS-960 system.


The ICEasy Test Suite includes the following the tools and capabilities:
  • ICEasy: A library of device test development tools for creating test programs and characterizing devices
  • File Import Tool (FIT): A software tool set for importing and converting STIL, WGL, VDC/EVCD, and ATP files to a Marvin Test Solutions digital instrument file format
  • Digital Waveform Edit / Display Tools: To facilitate the development and debugging of digital test vectors, waveform display and edit tools are available for both the TS-900 and TS-960 test systems.  These tools provide interactive control of the digital subsystem as well supporting the ability to import STIL, ATP, VCE/eVCD and WGL digital test vectors.  


  • Development of semiconductor test programs
  • Characterization of wafer and packaged devices
  • Compatible with GX5295 / GX5296 digital subsystems and TS-900 series test systems