GX7990 Series
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This 3rd party product previously sold by Marvin Test Solutions is no longer Available.

3U/6U PXI Bus Expanders

  • PCI to PXI, or PXI to PXI interface
  • Throughputs up to 132 MB / s
  • Supports 32- and 64-bit configurations
  • 4 ft cable interconnects slave with host
  • 3U/6U PXI Instrument


The GX799x bus expanders for PXI systems, provide direct control of the PXI chassis from a desktop computer or from another chassis. The GX799x provides a transparent hardware and software interface to the PXI bus using PCI bridge technology and includes a two-card set (a host and a PXI backplane controller).


The GX799x (PCI to PXI) provides a transparent interface between a PCI host computer and a PXI chassis. The GX799x-1 (PXI to PXI) provides the same performance between a PXI master chassis and a PXI slave chassis. Multiple bus expanders can provide for unlimited I/O.


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